LLG for Diesel SS12 in Grazia

THAT’S ME, THAT IS! *excited bounce* So that shoot where I took you behind the scenes two weeks ago? Here … Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes on a Fashion Shoot AGAIN….

Maybe instead of Recipe Friday, I should introduce Shoot Friday, because this was the second Friday in a row I … Continue Reading

Behind the scenes on a magazine shoot…

(Taking my photo on my Samsung tablet) I did a shoot for a magazine on Friday here in London. Obviously, … Continue Reading

LLG in Madame Figaro: Les 20 blogueurs qui électrisent la planète

It’s beyond flattering to be included in lists of best anything, but truly being described as one of ‘Les 20 … Continue Reading

Magazines: ELLE & Claudia Schiffer in 1989

  During my attic forage on Saturday night, I came across a huge pile of magazines from the past four … Continue Reading

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