Dodo’s lovely charms & necklaces, as modelled by les chiens

As you may know from reading LLG, the pretty charms from jeweller Dodo, which we gave to each guest at … Continue Reading

The Dodo Dinner to celebrate Friends, Food, Family in London

Last week was particularly full of wonderful things, but the absolute best part, the cherry on the icing on the cake … Continue Reading

Gifting: Dodo Charms

I haven’t taken off my tiny gold dachshund charm since I was given it at the dinner I hosted for … Continue Reading

A Dinner for Dodo: The Tabletop, from flowers to charms…

Decorating the table, cooking supper, hosting my friends: I love all the parts of entertaining at home and, when the event … Continue Reading

LLG Retail: Going Dodo over Dachshunds

As any regular reader will know, LLG is, shall we say, a dachshund-friendly space. Whilst our first love is the … Continue Reading

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