A Lazy Sunday in New Jersey, from Brunch & Bagels to Fall Colour in the Park

After our orchard frolicking antics on Saturday, we dialled it down on Sunday, and spent the day reading, eating and … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Basset Hound P*rn in New Jersey

I’ve had a LOT of requests for Basset action, and I like to please, so here are Max (left) and … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Sunday in New Jersey

As I walked away from the Aberdeen Matawan station platform back to the car in the strong sun this afternoon … Continue Reading

Hanging out in New Jersey

I’m dogsitting here in New Jersey until next Wednesday night. With a book proposal to work on, some seriously overdue … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Back in the New Jersey groove

You know that bit in the movies where the heroine is carrying her brown paper bags from the supermarket with … Continue Reading

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