LLG Travels: New York from the Air

As I flew into New York from Miami a few weeks ago, I casually glanced out of the window and … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Community Bookstore, Park Slope Brooklyn

I spent my last Sunday in New York in Park Slope, Brooklyn with lovely Lola. Good times. After lunch she … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Washington Square Park (& the Dosa stand)

Popular imagery would have Manhattan as a city of skyscrapers and canyon-like avenues running between them, but that’s just Midtown. … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Union Square Greenmarket, Manhattan

Walking back from a meeting on Friday morning with The Gramercy Park Hotel’s publicist (the best kind of meeting –  … Continue Reading

LLG Travel: Heading to Miami Beach

Part one of New York is done, & I am off to Miami today for some sunshine. I’m speaking at … Continue Reading

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