Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty at the V & A, March 2015

October 13, 2014 LLG Fashion

Tulle and lace dress with veil and antlers from Widows of Culloden AW2006-07. Raquel Zimmerman I don’t think any editor will have forgotten their first Alexander McQueen show whilst Lee McQueen was designing, such was their impact, and difference from whatever else was happening in fashion at that time. My first McQueen show as an editor […]

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Lettice Update

October 10, 2014 LLG Fashion

We took Letty and Posetta Baddog up to Hampstead Heath for a trot on Sunday afternoon.  Whilst I was in Seoul last week (as you do), Holly had managed to overcome Letty’s dislike of the lead to the extent that she can now walk them in tandem on their leads in one hand.

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London: Hanging out on Parliament Hill Fields and in Highgate…

October 2, 2014 LLG Fashion

Working on the Great Boden Diaries Project is continuing to afford me ALL the fun. For my first post we decided to focus on a guide to my London, in particular that part which falls below Hampstead and Highgate, to the south and east of the Heath. I used to live just by Parliament Hill […]

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My Weekend in London: Lettice, Georgette Heyer & Primrose Hill. Basically.

October 1, 2014 LLG Fashion

I decided to take last weekend off, and do No Work Whatsoever, dedicating it to reading and hanging out with Lettice. On Saturday morning I knocked up an extra large double tray batch of the no raisin granola from Friends, Food, Family,

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A Week in LLG: From Dabbous & the US Embassy to Ralph Lauren & Ramusake

September 30, 2014 LLG Fashion

(Ralph Lauren Black Label Leather Trim Merril party dress for my cookbook launch party.) There is a lot of travelling in my near future. On Wednesday I’m off to Seoul as a guest of Omega to attend what promises to be an extraordinary gala dinner hosted by Nicole Kidman on Thursday night. (I’ll be back […]

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The Great Boden Diaries project with Sasha Wilkins

September 29, 2014 LLG Fashion

I’m excited to let you all know that I am embarking upon a fantastic collaboration with my long term friends over at Boden: I’ll be appearing on their  Great Boden Diaries project, a new digital platform, which will host content written by Boden’s in-house editor, interviews with creatives (Lovely Lauren Laverne is first up) and content [...]

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Meet Lettice…

September 23, 2014 LLG Fashion

On Friday afternoon Remy and I drove north to meet our new sausage, Lettice, Letty for short. She’s a miniature smooth red Dachshund, a year old and weighing just 3,7kg (about 8lbs). Although she is verrree long.

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A Day In the Life: Fanny Moizant Co-Founder and Head of UK for Vestiaire Collective

September 18, 2014 A Day in the Life

I extremely pleased that the latest inspirational woman to take us through a day in her life is the brilliant Fanny Moizant, Co-Founder and Head of UK for Vestiaire Collective, the chic consignment store, that is full of things I want in my wardrobe. (I’ve just succumbed to the most amazing Dries faux fur jacket.) [...]

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A post about New York, for Jackie Dixon, with love.

September 18, 2014 LLG Fashion

(Me in the now-closed Life Cafe in Manhattan’s East Village in October 2006) One of the wonderful things about writing a blog is that you have an all-singing, all-dancing record of your life. No lines of indecipherable script in a dog-eared, hard-backed diary, but instead megabytes of easily searchable posts, complete with photographs to make [...]

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A Week in LLG, from birthday suppers to book signings

September 16, 2014 LLG Fashion

(Signing the first batch of  pre-ordered copies of my cookbook in my publisher’s boardroom on Friday am.) Last week was mainly about working like a fiend in the day, to try to clear admin before LFW started, and food and friends. Jo, whom I have been friends with since high school, some twenty-four years or [...]

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