Dell XPS M1330: failed motherboard, power adapter & customer service

UPDATE SUNDAY:After it took forty minutes and five emails between me & Friday’s extra special Dell helper, I have called … Continue Reading

Dell XPS M1330: the faulty laptop saga continues

I have had a long, hard week at the coalface of Dell Customer Un-Resolutions. Finally, at around 4pm on Friday, … Continue Reading


My parents’ divorce gets nastier by the second, and this extract from a letter Phil Spector once sent his friend, … Continue Reading

Single women & the plague of married men

Why is it that I frequently seem to act like catnip on other women’s partners and husbands? It certainly isn’t … Continue Reading

Guest post: Jan Moir, The Daily Mail & Stephen Gately

There was, rightly, much indignation yesterday over columnist Jan Moir’s piece in The Daily Mail, about the death from natural … Continue Reading

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