LLG Travels: Horseriding in Central Park

I walked through Central Park with Judy yesterday afternoon (Saturday), and it reminded me that back in autumn 2007, I … Continue Reading

LLG Travels: Heading to Manhattan

I haven’t planned a lot of time for breathing or relaxing in Manhattan – I have meetings back to back … Continue Reading

Ground Zero

I wrote this in September 2009: Last year I worked next door to Ground Zero. Each morning I biked down … Continue Reading

From the Dating Archives: Differences between UK & US dating.

August 2007: It’s true! It’s true! Because I have made little or no effort to ingratiate myself into the New … Continue Reading

From the Dating Archives: Friday Night Dating February 24, 2009 ·

I do date here in Manhattan. Not with any real hope of it leading to anything but because if I … Continue Reading

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