London Hotel: The Berkeley Hotel’s Girls’ Night In (or heaven in a hotel room)

When you travel as much as I do, or have a demanding job – or both, making time to see … Continue Reading

New Year’s Eve 2015: The Cart Lodge in East Sussex

Thailand – East Sussex: not much difference there. Oh apart from the rain and the mud and and the gales … Continue Reading

Travel: Visiting The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (& what to take & wear)

It really is blue, properly, quite disconcertingly blue. And quite, quite wonderful.

Iceland: For God’s Sake, Don’t Call Them Ponies

These very small horses are not ponies. Horses-not-ponies are a sensitive subject in Iceland, as I discovered on Ayla’s and … Continue Reading

Travel: New York, September 2015

I’m here in New York on a dual mission: talking about my cookbook Friends, Food, Family, (which came out in … Continue Reading

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