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A Day Out with Chivas Regal 18 & Pininfarina

January 28, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

I cannot pretend that being picked up in a Ferrari at my London flat at 0630hrs, being helicoptered to Farnborough to board a private jet to Aberdeen, to take a private tour and lunch at the Chivas Regal distillery, before reversing the journey back home, with a Ferrari lift from Battersea Heliport to The Connaught, before dinner […]

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Travel: The Mappin Festive Express on the Belmont Pullman

January 10, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

I am renowned amongst my friends for being a birthday avoider: I always used to throw a party, but the novelty rather wore off as the number each year increased and now I prefer to take the sticking-my-head-in-the-sand route. So when I was asked to spend the day on the Orient Express by Mappin & […]

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Travel Review: The Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel, Phuket Old Town Thailand

January 9, 2015 Hotels

It was quite a last minute decision to spend a night in Phuket Old Town after we left Paresa Resort. Rachel had brought the Lonely Planet Thailand Islands & Beaches guidebook with her, and I was flicking through some local magazines which all said it was worth visiting. (My photos of the architecture of the […]

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Travel: Hanging out at Sri Panwa, Phuket with Rachel

January 7, 2015 LLG Food

(The highly acceptable breakfast at Sri Panwa.) I’d be lying if I said we did much at Sri Panwa, beyond lolling in the pool villa. When your hotel room house is so heavenly it does rather reduce the desire to do anything AT ALL.

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A rather delayed kind-of Christmas Post…

January 6, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

It does feel strange, not having a country Christmas post on the blog, for the first time in eight years. So, when I was going back through my photographs from December this morning I thought instead that I would talk about the lovely Christmas-y things that I did in the week before Christmas instead.

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Hanging out at The Racha, off Phuket, Thailand

January 2, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

So my last update was on Christmas Eve morning, as we sat on Chalong Pier, awaiting the speedboat that would whisk us to Koh Racha for three nights, where we would be staying at The Racha, a rather glorious beachside island resort. (The Anumba Spa at The Racha.) Our activities on Racha can be neatly […]

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Travel: Review. The Racha resort hotel, off Phuket, Thailand

December 30, 2014 LLG Plays & Stays

oh what a blissful three days we had at The Racha, a resort hotel on a tiny island twelve nautical miles off the southernmost point of Phuket. We arrived after nearly thirty hours of travel from London on Christmas Eve, hot, a little bit sweaty, and very, very happy to be in one place.

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Kate Spade Cookery Book Salon: The Books

November 25, 2014 Friends Food Family

It was not easy AT ALL picking out the books to talk about at my Kate Spade literary cookbook salon last week. Although many of my food books are still in storage (London flats only have so much room), the four shelves in the kitchen bookcase are packed full, with a couple of extra towering […]

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Heading to the English Seaside for Boden

November 5, 2014 LLG Fashion

The latest story which I creative directed for Boden is up now on their shiny new blog site here. And because I loved this story so much, today I am running some of the outs (the leftover shots). In fact, I’ve loved the entire project so far, from conceptualising the stories, to  producing, art directing and […]

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Partying on the Virgin Atlantic Inaugural Flight from London-Atlanta on the 787 Dreamliner

October 28, 2014 LLG Plays & Stays

On first glance nothing much to note here: two guys, a set of decks and some happy punters. Look again. Yes, those are dancing uniformed Virgin Atlantic cabin crew. Yes, that is an aeroplane fuselage. Yes, that’s a gig ON a plane. In the air. In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between London […]

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