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Paris: Celebrating Diptyque Eau de Sens in Style

January 28, 2016 LLG Plays & Stays

A new Diptyque scent is always something to look forward to: I like most of them (particularly the divine Ombre Dans L’Eau, with its Bulgarian rose and blackcurrant leaf notes) but am always drawn towards citrus notes in my scent, something which hasn’t been prominent in the collection previously. So the news that the new scent, Eau […]

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London Hotel: The Berkeley Hotel’s Girls’ Night In (or heaven in a hotel room)

January 27, 2016 Hotels

When you travel as much as I do, or have a demanding job – or both, making time to see your friends isn’t always simple. There are crazy schedules to align, children and dogs to consider, and work and husbands and boyfriends and all of the things that demand our attention and time. So, sometimes […]

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New Year’s Eve 2015: The Cart Lodge in East Sussex

January 10, 2016 LLG Plays & Stays

Thailand – East Sussex: not much difference there. Oh apart from the rain and the mud and and the gales and the woolly sweaters…Although, as it turned out, this was a lovely second option. After my Thailand trip was cancelled, I cast around urgently for a place to go in England instead. Because of the […]

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Christmas 2015: Food, Family & Dog walks…

January 7, 2016 LLG Plays & Stays

I took a different approach to Christmas this year. I had planned to bugger off to Thailand again (last year’s trip was so glorious), but work conspired against me, and I had to cancel at the last minute. So I had to think again, and this time I decided that the way forward was to […]

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Travel: Visiting The Blue Lagoon, Iceland (& what to take & wear)

November 27, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

It really is blue, properly, quite disconcertingly blue. And quite, quite wonderful.

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Iceland: For God’s Sake, Don’t Call Them Ponies

November 24, 2015 American Shops

These very small horses are not ponies. Horses-not-ponies are a sensitive subject in Iceland, as I discovered on Ayla’s and my epic trip earlier this year. Sadly for me, I grew up around ponies, and I now know that apparently my mouth is hardwired to shout LOOK! PONIES! when I see beautiful small horses. Like […]

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Travel: New York, September 2015

September 17, 2015 LLG Fashion

I’m here in New York on a dual mission: talking about my cookbook Friends, Food, Family, (which came out in the US on 01 September), to anyone who’ll listen, and to attend some of the shows and presentations at New York Fashion Week. (Above: at the Polo Ralph Lauren presentation on Friday afternoon.)

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Last weekend of summer: Hampstead Heath & picnicking in Regent’s Park

September 9, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

I am feeling very much back-to-school at the moment: I thought we were predicted to have an Indian summer this year, but it is most definitely autumn here in London.

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Travels: A Long Weekend in Mevagissey, Cornwall. Part One.

September 1, 2015 LLG Plays & Stays

Rachel and I had been muttering at each other for some weeks about the upcoming August Bank Holiday at the end of the month. The muttering was along the lines of: “Don’t feel like Carnival this year“; “need to get away from London”; “can’t face getting on another plane“; “sea air, I need sea air“; […]

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A Motion Powered Gig with Ella Eyre in London, sponsored by SURE

August 27, 2015 LLG Beauty

I’ve been going to gigs since I was old enough to persuade my parents that I wouldn’t get into trouble, and there’s still little I enjoy more than dancing around to live music in a hot, sweaty venue. Even if I do now eschew the mosh pit for a more civilised spot at the back […]

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