Review: The May Fair Hotel for London Fashion Week

February 26, 2015 Hotels

I’m slowly coming back down to earth after London Fashion Week. The laundry is sorted, the overnight bags wiped and put away, the invitations and show releases recycled or filed, piles of shoes are shoe-treed and back on their shelves and I’ve re-stocked the fridge.

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Travel Review: The Casa Blanca Boutique Hotel, Phuket Old Town Thailand

January 9, 2015 Hotels

It was quite a last minute decision to spend a night in Phuket Old Town after we left Paresa Resort. Rachel had brought the Lonely Planet Thailand Islands & Beaches guidebook with her, and I was flicking through some local magazines which all said it was worth visiting. (My photos of the architecture of the […]

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LLG Travels: Hotel Santa Teresa, Rio de Janiero

September 3, 2013 Hotels

Anyone who spends time in hotels knows that there are lots of different types: There’s the time warp country house hotel, the boutique, the budget, the modern luxe, the corporate conference, the mid price box with a bed, the roadside chain…I think I’ve stayed in an exemplar of each, but my least favourite is the […]

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Stays: Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

July 15, 2013 Hotels

A bed with clean linen and a bathroom with hot water, I think we can all agree, is a guest’s basic requirement of a hotel. How impressive then of the Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle to ensure that they provide this – and pretty much nothing else. And how bourgeois of me to think that a […]

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LLG Stays: Hidden Hotel, Paris

July 5, 2013 Hotels

I travel to Paris a lot. At least once a month, usually for work in some way, whether for the shows, (couture and pret a porter) or to visit clients, or attend press events. That means I am slowly working my way through a list of Parisian hotels, and am trying to stay in a […]

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LLG Hotel Reviews: The Hotel du Vin, Birmingham

March 27, 2013 Hotels

I am generally well-disposed towards  Hotel du Vins. They’re usually in interesting buildings, located in Britain’s more interesting towns, with comfortable and considered rooms, and really good bistros with, as you may have worked out from the name, serious wine lists. When they first launched in the UK, they were pretty much the first proper […]

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LLG Travel Review: Clift Hotel, San Francisco

February 18, 2013 Hotels

There’s a soft spot in my heart for the Morgans Hotel Group: I started my magazine career at Conde Nast Traveller back in the day, and its hotels were always at the top of our  review lists, as properties that always changed the way people thought about hotels. So I’ve reviewed them for work, and stayed […]

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LLG Travels: Posetta Baddog Visits The Scarlet Hotel, Mawgan Porth, Cornwall.

January 1, 2013 Cornwall

( Mawgan Porth Beach, seen from the terrace of The Scarlet.) I’m sure I don’t have to explain just how far my nose was put out of joint when Mummy LLG & Mummy Lil’sis buggered off to The Scarlet Hotel in  Cornwall in the summer of 2010 without me.  I couldn’t believe it: beaches for me […]

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LLG Travels: Hotel Review. Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa, West Sussex

December 5, 2012 Hotels

Of all the hotels I have stayed in, Bailiffscourt is the one that has felt most like a home; granted if by that we mean the home of fabulously bonkers, gloriously eccentric and extremely wealthy (in that shrugged off English upper middle class manner) people.

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Hotel Review: Hotel Pavillon de La Reine, Place des Vosges, Paris

November 26, 2012 Hotels

I’ve always adored staying away from home: the escape from quotidian reality, the Room of One’s Own…really the appeal is endless. I can get joy from a humble room above a pub, or a seaside B&B, a tent in a field, or a shiny five star: to me they are all equally enjoyable. So, whilst […]

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