The LLG Hero Beauty Products of 2015: Face, Body and Hair

Writing about beauty means an awful lot of products come through my door. Some get tested and then handed on … Continue Reading

The Daily Beauty: How to do a Messy Side Bun

I do love a messy side bun, and they are perfect for hat wearing days, as lots of hats look … Continue Reading

LLG Beauty: What’s inside my Bathroom Cabinet

I don’t know about you, but I am extraordinarily nosy & love peeking inside other people’s bathroom cabinets to see … Continue Reading

Guest blog: My make-up bag by Karen Wheeler

I often compare my makeup bag to a John Pawson interior: there isn’t much in it. Despite writing about beauty … Continue Reading

Hero Beauty Products: This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle

So I am lucky enough to have good legs. (it’s the rest I’m hiding away), but however genetically blessed one … Continue Reading

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