Health & Beauty: Margaret Dabbs podiatry & medical pedicure

It may come as a surprise to learn that podiatry is a discipline that doesn’t exist in every country — … Continue Reading

Dispatches from Hospital…

I’m writing this at 4 am on Monday morning from a cubicle in the Accident & Emergency department, the ER … Continue Reading

My penultimate day at Viva Mayr

Lake Worth at 7am this morning Breakfast at 9.15am (I’d already seen the doctor for an abdominal massage and had … Continue Reading

Video: My room at Viva Mayr clinic, Austria

How could I not love a room with a black leather Corbusier chaise? It seems completely appropriate for a clinic … Continue Reading

Day one at the Viva Mayr clinic, Austria

The Viva Mayr clinic is probably best known for effective weight loss, but this is as much a side effect … Continue Reading

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