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Recipe: Easter Strawberries & Cream Whisked Sponge Cake

April 18, 2014 LLG Food

I do think that when you’re on holiday, that the last thing you want to worry about is producing some technically superb piece of sugar craft art. A whisked sponge is the easiest thing you could make in the cake world… This particular cake has always been a family favourite: My mama knows how to [...]

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London: A Week in LLG, from Primrose Hill to Columbia Road to Fairground and Busaba Eathai

April 16, 2014 LLG Fashion

(For style notes, see end of post) So last week was a bit of a bugger on the getting things done front, hence lack of blogging. Juggling of multiple balls has never been my strong point, (I tend to run around in circles, not knowing where to start, and consequently getting nothing done) and, when [...]

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Food: Puffed Up (with its own importance) Mushroom Omelette

April 7, 2014 LLG Food

I’ve been making this so often that I think mushrooms might start sprouting from my ears. Its delicious appeal springs in part from the way in which the top of the omelette puffs up like a souffle under the grill – although it collapses very quickly – I couldn’t capture its puffiness on film, because [...]

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Kitchen: The Divertimenti Cookery School Knife Skills Class

March 25, 2014 LLG Food

For someone whose idea of fun as a child was hanging out in the kitchen, and who cooks to relax, I have cut myself more times than I can remember.  It’s not that I have terrible knife skilz: Dyspraxia, with its delightful motor coordination issues, along with its attendant concentration problems, means that however much I [...]

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Food: Thomasina Miers’ Mexican Masterclass

February 6, 2014 LLG Food

On Saturday I beat a path to the Mexican food expert, and founder of Wahaca, the mini chain of excellent Mexican street food restaurants, (and friend) Thomasina Miers’ house for a masterclass in Mexican cookery. Tommi was hosting a two day session at her home as part of The Guardian Masterclass series, and I was [...]

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London: Seoul Food at Dock Kitchen with Stevie Parle

January 27, 2014 LLG Food

I cannot lie: I did not eat the raw sea urchins at Stevie Parle’s Korean-influenced dinner last Wednesday. But I was in a distinct minority, as around me friends and colleagues (including intrepid Emily) scooped out the shells with glee.

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London Restaurant: Comptoir Libanais

January 9, 2014 LLG Food

As much as I could eat leftover cold roast potatoes, bread sauce and Quality Street for, well, pretty much forever, there does come a point during the festive period where your palate starts screaming for stimulation. Middle Eastern food is clearly what the doctor orders in these situations and, in London, Comptoir Libanais hits the [...]

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A (Gü) Girl’s Guide to a Fabulously Festive Party Season…

November 18, 2013 LLG Food

My association with Gü Puds amounts to quite a lot more than scarfing every Gü Key Lime Pie in sight from Virgin Atlantic’s in flight catering trolley, and  regularly clearing out the supply of Gü Chocolate Souffles in my local Sainsbury’s. You may remember that back in spring 2012 I let Gü Puds’ Head Chef Fred Ponnavoy loose in [...]

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The Maille Boutique in London: Pairing Mustard & Canapes…

November 4, 2013 LLG Food

The opening of the Maille London boutique in the Piccadilly arcade wasn’t notable just for its interesting guests, plentiful Champagne and opportunity to dip endless breadsticks in their delectable Black Truffle and Chablis mustard.

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Food: Pan Fried Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Chestnuts & Mustard, and Coronation Chicken a la LLG

October 23, 2013 LLG Food

(The Maille Supperclub I hosted in London in 2011) I don’t need much excuse to get into the kitchen, so when Maille asked if I would like to develop two recipes using their mustards I was on board like a flash. The brief was simple: pick any of the speciality mustards or condiments that Maille [...]

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