Dogs of the Day: Lunch with ALL of the Dogs at the Dogs Trust Micro Chippy Pop-Up

February 17, 2016 Dog of the Day

Imagine Lettice’s glee when she realised she had her own bowl of snacks at lunch on Saturday. We had been invited down to Printworks Kitchen in Farringdon for a two day pop-up restaurant collaboration between Dogs Trust and Bubbledogs to promote micro-chipping dogs in the run up to the government’s mandatory microchip policy which becomes […]

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Design: The West Elm & Etsy PupUp! Dog heaven on Tottenham Court Road

July 21, 2015 Dogs

Before we drove off to the Cotswolds on Saturday morning, we took a little detour to Tottenham Court Road to visit one of my favourite interiors stores: the London branch of West Elm

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Food: Eating at Market Camden with Lettice & Maisie

July 15, 2015 Dogs

One of the things I love about living in my part of Camden is the close proximity to wonderful grocery stores and restaurants, in particular Parkway Greens, possibly London’s best greengrocers, and Market, a wonderful restaurant serving excellent modern British cooking, using interesting seasonal ingredients. They serve a delicious brunch at weekends, have great set […]

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London: Dog Friendly Hair Salon – Jo Hansford

June 24, 2015 Dogs

Since I never, ever go in direct sunlight without a sunhat, it’s become inevitable that my once all natural blonde-ness needs a little helping hand. (There’s no point in pretending that at my age I am completely blonde by mother nature’s gift.) It’s a shame really, but I’d rather substitute three hours in the salon chair […]

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London: A Hampstead Heath Sunday with the dogs

June 13, 2015 Dogs

(The Mens’ Bathing Pond on Hampstead Heath last Sunday.)   I’ve been in Detroit since Thursday afternoon and am little disappointed to discovered that the predicted 25C+ temperatures haven’t materialised – and that the weather was nicer back in London last weekend. Although Detroit is an extraordinary place in any weather – it’s been an eye-opening trip […]

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London: Dog Friendly Restaurant, Pub & Place Guide

March 24, 2015 Dogs

(Lettice, observing my lunch – mushroom gnocchi – at Market, Camden.) Darling Posetta Baddog RIP was most definitely not a dog who went places. She wasn’t interested in socialising: her main focus was her family, food and tennis balls, and we hung out on Hampstead Heath and in the Regent’s Park. Not so with Princess Lettice. […]

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Sending Posetta Baddog Squirrel Chasing in the Sky

March 19, 2015 Dogs

I was sitting in a tiny palm-thatched bar, watching a tropical storm whip the sea into white-crested waves on a small island off the coast of Phuket, when my sister telephoned me from London.

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Visiting Crufts 2015…

March 13, 2015 Dogs

(My sister with two Standard Wire Haired Dachshunds and Lettice’s nose peeking out from her lap.) Unless we are counting the village fete, and the Dog with the Waggiest Tail competition, I had never attended a dog show until last weekend. It’s a world I knew next to nothing about but I love dogs, my sister […]

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Appearing on Hoxton Radio on Sam & Helen’s Ladies What Brunch show (with Lettice)

February 21, 2015 Dogs

I had ALL the fun with comedians Sam and Helen on their Saturday morning radio show, Ladies What Brunch on Hoxton Radio. It was the business. I wasn’t sure if they’d be scary or not, so I took arrived with reinforcements: Lettice under one arm, and a plate of just-out-of-the-oven chocolate chunk cookies from Friends, […]

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Pottles on Watergate Bay Beach in Cornwall

January 13, 2015 Dogs

Watergate Bay in Cornwall is one of the places that Holly and I have loved to take Posetta Baddog for long, sandy walks. P Bad loves digging holes, eating seaweed, and chasing and retrieving anything that is vaguely tennis ball-shaped, (and the latter definition stretches to include rocks, pebbles, driftwood, and sticks), so a long, […]

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