Lettice gets Microchipped for free by DogsTrust!

October 16, 2014 Dogs

Although Letty Spaghetti came to us fully inoculated, the one thing she did need to have was a microchip implanted. So I spoke to my friends at Dogs Trust, who do such admirable work not just in looking after, and re-homing dogs, but in encouraging responsible dog ownership. They run a free microchipping service (Vital [...]

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RIP Max the Basset Hound

June 15, 2014 Dogs

Long term LLG readers will know that back in 2009 I spent some months in Colts Neck, NJ with my dear friends Jason and Yoann, and their Basset Hounds Max and Finchley. they became superstars on the blog, with readers from all over the world following their antics, as new puppy Finchley showed old dog [...]

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Home: Dachshund Love from Aprons to Umbrellas

November 22, 2013 Dogs

Whilst I am resplendent in my Dachshund Cotton Apron by Fenella Smith £35 in the kitchen (thank you Fenella), my office has been brightened by this great signed sausage print, by Raw Xclusive founder and designer Rebecca Winter, which was sent to me by the excellent online gift retailer

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Dogs: Lunch with Ralph Lauren & Tatler in London

October 28, 2013 Dogs

I don’t generally take Posetta Baddog to events, fashion or otherwise. She’s a dog, not an accessory, and would much rather be snuffling around Regent’s Park and chasing Alsatians than trotting down a runway, or dozing in a carrier on a gilt chair. So bringing her along to Ralph Lauren and Tatler’s dogs and owners [...]

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Posetta Baddog doing her thing…

August 26, 2013 Dogs

This post is basically for my sister, who complains ad nauseum that there is never enough Posetta Baddog on the blog. So: here she is, as I found her yesterday morning when I awoke, tucked under the end of the duvet at the bottom of the bed.

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Dog of the Day: Ralphred the Maltipoo, in association with Dogs Trust

April 10, 2013 Dog of the Day

A big welcome to our first American Dog of the Day, Ralphred, a ball of fluff masquerading as an eight-month-old Maltipoo. When I was in New York for fashion week back in February, I left Manhattan momentarily to pay a visit to Ralphred. And to have breakfast with his mom the fashion writer Lauren Sherman, and [...]

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Dog of the Day: Oscar the Fawn Pug, in association with Dogs Trust

April 3, 2013 Books & writers

LLG has a new Foreign Correspondent: Oscar the one year old pug. He lives with his human, the novelist Kate Lord Brown, in Qatar. Over to you Oscar…

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Dog of the Day: Maddie the Cockapoo in association with Dogs Trust

February 16, 2013 Dog of the Day

I met Maddie’s owner Anne when we both worked on the launch of Conde Nast Traveller back in the day. We’ve been firm friends ever since, live down the road from each other, and both share a love of maps. (Check out Anne’s map  learning company here. Hi, my name is Madison. I also [...]

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Dog of the Day: Gracey & Caty the Rescue Chihuahua Mixes, in association with Dogs Trust

January 8, 2013 Dog of the Day

I’ve worked with fashion PR Director Siim Kohv on all manner of projects throughout the years, (he now looks after Rankin’s The Hunger & Newbark, amongst other clients), and I was thrilled when he recently moved back to London from Los Angeles, with his two adopted rescue dogs. So, just before Christmas I hopped along [...]

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LLG Shops: Presents for Dog Lovers. Well….Dachshund lovers, really…

December 17, 2012 Dogs

Because of Grumpy above, there is no shortage of sausage-related merchandise chez LLG. (She is sporting her Woof! Markus Lupfer for Whistles’ sweater, a Christmas present from the Whistles press office. Sausage-size is a medium. Available here.) So, next up in my present buying guide (we’ve had Godchildren & Tricky Women already), here is a [...]

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