Dating post mortem

Well, what a turn up for the books. After gibbering away on Twitter all afternoon about my lack of sleep … Continue Reading

My Manhattan Dating Odyssey Continues.

Od⋅ys⋅sey   /ˈɒdəsi/ –noun, plural -seys for 2.1. (italics) an epic poem attributed to Homer, describing Odysseus’s adventures in his ten-year … Continue Reading

Dating travails part three hundred

I make no secret of the fact that I use an on-line dating site here in New York. After all, … Continue Reading

My dating life. Your opinions, please

My oh so charming companion of Friday night has SMS’d asking to see me again this week. I usually never … Continue Reading

Friday Night Dating

I do date here. Not with any real hope of it leading to anything but because if I don’t it … Continue Reading

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