Test-Driving the new Ferrari 488 Spider in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

November 12, 2015 Cars

Where do I even start? How do I write this story without sounding insanely spoilt? Screw it: I’ll just tell you about my incredible two days test-driving the latest chapter in Maranello’s ongoing love affair with open-top V8 sports cars, (yes, that is me driving, above), and you can then decide whether or not to hate […]

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Cars: Test Driving with Aston Martin at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire

June 21, 2015 Cars

If I had to come up with a candidate for Best Day Out, then being invited by Aston Martin to drive their cars, including the Vanquish, around Millbrook, the British automotive industry’s proving ground in Bedfordshire would have to be in the top ten.

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Driving: The post where I go on an MOT, Servicing & MINI adventure courtesy of HR Owen

May 30, 2014 Cars

I think it’s fair to say that I am extraordinarily accident prone. Dyspraxia doesn’t help, as it means my spatial reality is Not Good, but it can’t be blamed for the more annoying things that seem to happen on a daily basis. Like, for example, when my car registration plate fell off on the way […]

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Concours of Elegance 2013 – St James’s Concours of Elegance

September 7, 2013 Cars

I’ll take two, please. After Thursday’s 29C heat, we could have been forgiven for thinking Friday would be sultry and hot. Unfortunately not. Emily and I splished and splashed our down St James’s to Marlborough House, to attend the second day of The St James’s Concours of Elegance in the gardens of Marlborough House.

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The Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

August 17, 2013 Cars

I don’t think there’s any point in pretending that this is a subtle car. An XK120 it is not. This car could not be more LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME if it tried. And vulgar as that may be, I kind of love it. Subtlety can be over-rated, I think.

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Track driving the MGA at Goodwood Motor Circuit

November 1, 2012 Cars

Vroom vroom. It’s been a while since my father and I have been driving together. But a month or so ago he booked me in for a day trip to Goodwood, for a track driving day on the historical circuit in the grounds of the Earl of March’s home, about two hours south west of […]

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The Goodwood Festival of Speed: Driving the Volvo V60 Plugin Hybrid

July 3, 2012 Cars

Vroom, vroom…oh the joy of a day at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. For those of you who do not have petrolhead amongst their pastimes, suffice to say that it does what it says on the tin. SPEED. Coming, as I do from a background obsessed with speed – my paternal grandpa was an aeronautical […]

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LLG in England: a 1965 Austin Healey aka car p*rn

June 24, 2012 Cars

Well hello you….*purrs* There are some of my friends who find my love of classic cars a little odd. To which I say, pointing at photos like the one above, even if you have no desire to drive them, how could you not look at that beautiful piece of design and not grin like a […]

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Mercedes Benz World (Heaven in Surrey)

December 6, 2011 Cars

Oh hello baby *insert purring noises*. This, my loves, is the 280SL. Otherwise known as the car I have longed for since I can remember. I didn’t get to drive it at Mercedes-Benz World last Monday, but I may have stroked it when no one was looking.

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Paris: L’Art de l’Automobile, (Ralph Lauren) at Les Arts Decoratifs

August 24, 2011 Cars

Imagine my horror at seeing the above queue for Les Arts Decoratifs next door to the Louvre when I had finally found a docking station for my Velib (FORTY minutes cycling like a loon across the rue Saint Honore and up and down avenue de l’Opera frantically stabbing at my iPhone Velib app in the […]

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