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Beauty: My Personal Edit at Fenwick Beauty Icons Department Launches on Bond Street

November 9, 2015 LLG Beauty

The morning I spent in Fenwick’s of Bond Street’s new Beauty Icons department definitely ranks as a Top Ten experience. The challenge to myself and a handful of beauty editors was to pick our personal edit of the entire department to celebrate its launch. I had no idea that this was what we were going […]

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The Daily Beauty: Clinique’s new All About Oils Collection for winter skin

October 8, 2015 LLG Beauty

My skin already feels like all the moisture has leached away and we are only at the beginning of autumn here in London. And, if my crocodile skin is thirsting for relief, imagine what it will be like once the central heating is turned on. My apartment in New York was so overheated, and my […]

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A Motion Powered Gig with Ella Eyre in London, sponsored by SURE

August 27, 2015 LLG Beauty

I’ve been going to gigs since I was old enough to persuade my parents that I wouldn’t get into trouble, and there’s still little I enjoy more than dancing around to live music in a hot, sweaty venue. Even if I do now eschew the mosh pit for a more civilised spot at the back […]

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The Daily Beauty: Spray Tanning in London

July 6, 2015 LLG Beauty

(Beautiful bikinis from Violet Lake  – credits below.) Given that my natural skin colour is akin to a bottle of skimmed milk – white with a hint of blue, I am very much a fan of sunless tanning – from a bottle naturally, not a sunbed (perish the thought). And ESPECIALLY in bikini season. At […]

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London: Dog Friendly Hair Salon – Jo Hansford

June 24, 2015 Dogs

Since I never, ever go in direct sunlight without a sunhat, it’s become inevitable that my once all natural blonde-ness needs a little helping hand. (There’s no point in pretending that at my age I am completely blonde by mother nature’s gift.) It’s a shame really, but I’d rather substitute three hours in the salon chair […]

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The Daily Beauty: Dealing with Tech Neck. Indeed Labs’ Fillume Volumising Moisturiser & Serum

June 22, 2015 LLG Beauty

I know that I am not the only person who spends all their time squinting down at a number of electronic devices, from the smartphone in my hand, to the laptop propped up on my knees in bed – as it is at the moment as I write this post, because apparently the average phone user […]

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Daily Beauty: Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser

June 4, 2015 LLG Beauty

Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser This morning for maybe the tenth day in a row, I awoke to find my skin feeling peachy soft, in a way it hasn’t felt for a few months. Medication, lack of sleep, stress: these three delights all show themselves on my face, and the texture of my face had […]

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The CEW Beauty Awards 2015 – celebrating the beauty industry

April 29, 2015 LLG Beauty

Well, this was a lovely way to spend Friday lunchtime last week. I had been asked to present an award at this year’s CEW Awards, which honour the most outstanding beauty products as voted for by more than 700 CEW members – all from the beauty industry. It was quite nerve-wracking – not the public speaking […]

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What’s In My Handbag: Everyday essentials from lip balm to sunglasses

April 4, 2015 Accessories

On my hall table there is a lovely old wooden box in which I keep handbag-sized things so that each time I change my bag (which is at least every two days, and usually more as I have a breakfast meeting, a dog walk and a smart evening do most days, all of which require a different bag) […]

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Beauty: The Headmasters 2015 Blow-Dry Collection

March 18, 2015 LLG Beauty

Along with going to the gym, blow drying my hair is one of my least favourite activities. Although I’m not actually that bad at doing it myself, I absolutely loathe doing it.

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