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The Daily Beauty: Lancome Vernis in Love. 343B Rose Pitimini Nail Varnish

March 27, 2014 LLG Beauty

I am, I think it’s fair to say, obsessed with this shade of nail varnish. It’s an absolutely perfect everyday shade: not too red, not too pale. It goes with everything, doesn’t chip, and lasts for ages, (especially with a top coat). I should add that those aren’t actually my hands above, but Emily’s. (For [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Aromatherapy Associates Relax Body Wash in Restful & Tranquil

March 26, 2014 LLG Beauty

I am currently trying extremely hard to maintain my relaxed state of mind, post trip, but jet lag is crippling me. What I hadn’t realised about not keeping to a proper sleep routine out in SE Asia was that wouldn’t equal just slipping neatly back into my UK sleep pattern. Instead, I find myself falling [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil

March 24, 2014 LLG Beauty

Whilst I’ve always loved Jo Malone bath oils, one of the things that I never understood was that they came in plastic bottles. Given that they are, relatively, very expensive, I’ve always thought that a pretty glass bottle for the bathroom shelf would be an admirable match for the contents. So I was pleased to [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Margaret Dabbs Podiatry

March 18, 2014 LLG Beauty

I’m a great believer in having a medical pedicure from a podiatrist at reasonably regular intervals, as opposed to just heading to my local salon for a quick file and polish. Not only do they really get to grip with your revolting hooves, but a podiatrist can see problems developing that a beauty salon isn’t [...]

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The Daily Beauty: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner For Colour-Treated Hair

March 17, 2014 LLG Beauty

My hair, which was always naturally shiny and thick, even though it’s very fine, has been seriously affected by highlighting, in which I’ve been indulging for the past three years. The condition is just generally drier, and more brittle, and it only really looks as it should when I finger through serum after washing, and [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Burberry Brit Rhythm Eau de Toilette & Collection

March 6, 2014 LLG Beauty

It’s quite a task to make lavender, the scent of grandmothers, linen closets and National Trust shops smell sexy, desirable and, above all, modern. Burberry Brit Rhythm, the latest fragrance from the British luxury house, and their first to have lavender as its central note, may just have done so.

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The Daily Beauty: Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi Candle & Hand Cream

February 20, 2014 Accessories

In the middle of this revolting, and particularly English, version of a Narnia winter – endless rain instead of eternal snow, the gentle scent of roses reminds me that summer, however elusive just now, will return. I’ve been burning this pretty new Rosa Mundi candle from Diptyque in my bedroom, which looks just as lovely as [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Balenciaga Rosabotanica Event with Illustrator Clym Evernden at Selfridges TODAY!

February 13, 2014 LLG Beauty

I’d love to believe that I look as soignee as I do in my portrait above on a daily basis, but fear that dragged-through-hedge-backwards is more often my style. Still it’s lovely to believe that there is even a vague possibility that sometimes I look this. For which I owe a huge thank you to [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Blonde Highlights again at Jo Hansford

February 6, 2014 LLG Beauty

I’ve been asked several times who is looking after my colour at the moment, since I ran the Karen Millen post earlier in the week. I’ve been really happy with my colour at Jo Hansford: the lovely Evie did it for me last autumn, to great success, and I went back at the end of [...]

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The Daily Beauty: Swell Volumizing Shampoo, Conditioner and Root Nutrient Complex

January 19, 2014 LLG Beauty

I have quite a lot of hair, but it is very fine, the curse of natural blondes, so I’m dead keen on anything that gives me lasting volume without having to resort to rollers or tongs, as my hair starts to frazzle and split under the heat.

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