Travel: Excellent Lightweight Luggage from Tumi, Marks & Spencer, & Plia Designs

March 26, 2014 Accessories

After years of lugging around terrible bags, bought from street vendors, and those sell-everything stores on 14th Street, I am now the very happy possessor of proper, streamlined luggage – cases that don’t ping open when thrown around by baggage handlers, or duffels that tear when or l throw them down the five floors of [...]

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Accessories: Stow London’s Hester small travel jewellery box

March 7, 2014 Accessories

Frequent travellers  learn to pare down the clothes they pack, because it’s extremely unlikely that they will wear even half of what they take along with them. The same with accessories and jewellery, which is why I rather love this small travelling jewellery case, in excellent quality leather, from new-ish design house  Stow London.

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The Daily Beauty: Diptyque’s Rosa Mundi Candle & Hand Cream

February 20, 2014 Accessories

In the middle of this revolting, and particularly English, version of a Narnia winter – endless rain instead of eternal snow, the gentle scent of roses reminds me that summer, however elusive just now, will return. I’ve been burning this pretty new Rosa Mundi candle from Diptyque in my bedroom, which looks just as lovely as [...]

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Style: Crumpet Cashmere Biker Jacket & a Dachshund Print Umbrella!

September 24, 2013 Accessories

Well, I think a sausage print umbrella is stylish, but I do realise that this may well be a minority view. But I don’t think there would be any dissension over the Crumpet Biker Jacket that I am also wearing here. I think it is the perfect summer-autumn transitional piece, for when the days aren’t [...]

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Accessories: Toga Pulla Buckle Boots

September 20, 2013 Accessories

I have been thinking about these boots far more than is good for someone who had a life and a business to run. It’s not often that I decide I simply MUST have something: I’m not a logo lover, or an aspirational shopper; I just like what I like. But there is something about these [...]

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Accessories: The PLIA Reid courier satchel in Queen Street

August 2, 2013 Accessories

I love this Whistles dress that I am wearing here at Nice Airport so much that I have it in two colourways. It’s the Adrienne Ink Pot Dress (£110), and it was part of my shopping haul of four dresses that I wrote about here. But most, importantly, I am carrying my new PLIA Reid courier satchel.

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Shoes: Yosi Samra Fold-up Ballet Flats

July 4, 2013 Accessories

Fold up ballet flats have been around for a while, and I was an instant convert to the idea that I could carry around a tiny pair of shoes for when the pain of heels got too much. They were especially useful in Manhattan, where I often walked  a couple of miles home from dinner [...]

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Fashion: Ascot dress & shoes

June 17, 2013 Accessories

I’m wearing this wonderful navy blue Suzannah frock to Royal Ascot on Thursday, Ladies Day. I’m pretty sure I want a bright orange or pink pointy toe stiletto heel to lift the look, especially as I’ll be in front of the TV cameras. In an ideal world, I would be thinking orange Manolos, but my [...]

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Fashion: The Hat Club. Hats to hire for Ascot, Weddings and anywhere else you may need to go…

June 6, 2013 Accessories

Ascot hats do seem to bother women quite a lot: what kind of hat to wear forms a large part of my reader mailbox from about mid-May onwards. And, given that we British do like to sport a titfer on as many occasions as possible, from Great Aunt Mildred’s funeral to baby George’s christening, with [...]

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Accessories: The Shoe of the Day in Association with Kurt Geiger

June 3, 2013 Accessories

The fabulously comfortable silver Kast £75 by Carvela Kurt Geiger As part of my collaboration with Kurt Geiger, I chose five of my favourite shoes to be the Shoe of the Day over on the LLG Facebook and Instagram feeds. I liked the ones I chose so much that I thought I’d put them together [...]

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