I get asked all manner of questions via email, comments and social media, so hopefully you’ll find lots of answers below:

I shot approximately 75% of the photography on LLG using a little digital point & shoot Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS5 with a Leica lens until April 2010. Would I recommend the Panasonic? No, not particularly, but it did the job. After that I used a brilliant little Canon Ixus, and then a Canon G12. I now shoot on a Canon 700D DSLR, (also known as the Canon Rebel T5i in the US) and also on my iPhone 6. The other 5% of images are from publicists, retailers or stock.

If you believe we have used an image in error please contact us at contact [at] libertylondongirl.com

Lettice is a red Miniature Smooth Dachshund. She’s just turned four years old, and lives with me in London. You can follow her on Instagram at LovelyLettice


Sausage dog trainer, cake decorator, mess maker, cook, and party frock wearer. Since 2009, running LLG&Co. has been my full-time role: this encompasses the LLG digital platform (blog, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest), my digital media consultancy business LLG Consults, and all the external brand collaborations, projects and endorsements I undertake as a pro-blogger, from film making to hosting events.

This suits me very well as, for most of my career, I have been a hyphenate kind of person. I’ve been earning my living as a reporter-writer-blogger-journalist-broadcaster-editor-stylist-brand consultant since I started my career, working as a coffee maker second assistant, at Vogue House over ten years ago.

Since then I’ve worked as a senior magazine editor & stylist on both sides of the Atlantic, most recently as launch executive style editor on both The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ in New York, &  The Observer’s O: in London. My journalism credits include Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal Europe, Elle, Condé Nast Traveller, Grazia, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour, The Guardian, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Red, & The Sunday Times. 

I started appearing on TV and radio as a style commentator in 1999 when I presented Five! TV’s fashion coverage from the Cannes Film Festival. Since then I’ve done everything from BBCRadio 4’s Today programme & Woman’s Hour, to ABC’s Good Morning America and the BBC World Service, via ITN’s News at Ten and late night ‘phone-ins on BBCRadio Five Live. You can read more here.

I am also a professional cook – I’ve written a best-selling cookbook, Friends, Food, Family, which has been published on both sides of the Atlantic, and we also cater various external events, from press days to supper clubs (we recently designed and cooked the reader dinner for Red magazine’s Smart Women Week). Please email us at contact [at] libertylondongirl.com if you are interesting in LLG&Co. catering your event. We specialise particularly in vegetarian and vegan food, and are happy to cook gluten- and dairy-free on request.

I’m thrilled to have won several awards, and been included on a plethora of lists, which include:

London’s Most Influential People 2012 & 2013: The Evening Standard’s Power1000 List
Blogger of the Year 2011. Women of the Year Awards
The Times’ 50 people you should follow on Twitter 2013
Best Fashion Twitter Feed. Marie Claire Global Online Awards 2012
The Five Most Influential People in European Fashion 2013. BA High Life
The 100 Top Websites in the World. The Sunday Times 2009
The 100 Top Global Tweeters. The Sunday Times Magazine 2012
The 100 Most Powerful Britons on Twitter 2009 & 2010 (The Independent)

If it’s legal…email me at contact [at]libertylondongirl.com. Or for collaborations and commercial projects please contact my agents at Independent: Jessica Stone  jessicastone@independenttalent.com and Louise Bury louise@intalentdigital.com

If you would like to get in touch, the email is contact [at] libertylondongirl.com and I absolutely welcome messages & feedback, (especially from readers who love dachshunds too.) Being part of a community is what blogging is all about, & receiving emails from you all makes my day. Really.

However, my brain has started to buckle under the pressure of trying to reply to the astonishing number of emails I receive each each week. I’ve now come to the realisation that I just cannot physically reply to each email individually. I read absolutely everything, but I cannot promise to acknowledge each email I receive. (Although I reckon I’ve a 99% reply rate.)

If your query is about collaborations and commercial projects please contact my agents at Independent: Jessica Stone  jessicastone@independenttalent.com and Louise Bury louise@intalentdigital.com

Very little makes me as cross as unethical, mendacious, unprofessional & spectacularly stupid bloggers who  both break the law, and egregiously mislead their readership as to the commercial origin or provider of the clothes, products, hotel stays etc that they trill about on their sites, thereby letting down the entire blogging community. So you can take it from me that I practice full disclosure. For the entire LLG ethical disclosure section please head here.

At the moment we do not run display advertising on LLG.
Please email us at advertising [at] libertylondongirl.com to discuss any future placements.

I started blogging back in 2006, but didn’t take it up daily until March 2007 when I moved to New York from London when I was working as a freelance stylist. I stopped for most of 2008 when I went off to head up the fashion, beauty, jewellery & watch departments on The Wall Street Journal’s WSJ magazine as their executive style editor. I took LLG out of cold storage in January 2009 and have blogged daily, or nearasdamnit since then.

Yup. It’s pretty much all me. I built the site myself, &  write, photograph, picture edit and post everything on LLG. I do occasionally run guest posts from other writers, bloggers & editors, but it’s always at my discretion, & they are always clearly marked.

Now that LLG is my full-time job, I do have admin help from Team LLG. That’s my Executive Assistant Sache who runs my office, and who can be contacted at contact [at] libertylondongirl.com. My agents at Independent keep me sane: They are Jessica Stone and Louise Bury who handle all my commercial collaborations, PAs, and endorsements.

Over at Curtis Brown the ineffable Gordon Wise is my literary agent.

I started Libertylondongirl using a blogspot domain on Blogger. Eventually I bought my domain name, and then switched to a self-hosted blog when my traffic exploded in 201o.

I use GoDaddy to host my blog.  (Please don’t.) I built the site myself on a WordPress.org platform.

Oooh yes please. I love to hear what you all have to say. Feedback, agreement, disagreement: bring it on I say. Without comments I’d just be wittering away into a vacuum. Two way communication is what social media is all about: conversation not a broadcast.

BUT. The comments section is not the place to shamelessly plug a different website, blog or place. Three word comments with a big bold link in the comment body?  Off to spam you go.

Likewise pasting your blog address into the comment body is just spam by a different route. The comments form layout is specifically set up to allow your usename to auto-link to your URL. Leaving it again just looks like shameless pluggery. As it happens, my comments section is auto set up to refer all comments containing URLs to spam where they will stay unless the URL is pertinent to the comment.

Likewise, trolls. I believe strongly that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. By that I don’t mean that everyone has to agree with all that I say but, if you wish to have a difference of opinion with me, it would be splendid if you could avoid slander, insults, obscenity and general nastiness. The karma police WILL get you. (If Lettice my Sausage DOgdoesn’t get there first.)

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Since I started LLG, I’ve received regular mail from students who want career advice, to interview me or to get my ticks on survey boxes. Up until now, I have replied to them all, as I like to help, but I can no longer promise to do so due to the rather staggering volume of requests I now receive. (Often simultaneously from lots of students on the same course at the same university!) In particular, I can no longer provide written answers to interview questions for term papers, reports or theses, or fill out surveys, especially those which require personal information.