I certainly didn’t expect one of the side products of lockdown to be talking to various journalists, mainly about food, but also about the influencer industry. (I’m updating the post today (Sunday 26 April) to include another story.)
Here are my five most recent pieces of press, thanks to five brilliant journalists:

The LA Times’ Anousha Sakoui interviewed me at length this week for a fascinating piece on how influencers are pivoting their businesses during the pandemic. The piece came out today (Friday), and I was thrilled to see that I was the lede for the piece. And, yes, that’s my macaroni cheese recipe they refer to in the header!

The American food and culture writer Alicia Kennedy has written a really interesting piece for Conde Nast US’s Epicurious today discussing whether a fervent commitment to sustainability and less waste can survive a pandemic, in the kitchen and outside of it. She quotes me talking about cooking for Holly and the compromises I’ve had to make on the sustainability front.

From the US to the UK: first up The Observer

As Jude Rogers put it so perfectly in The Observer, “to stay afloat, small companies have had to shift their business models quickly in ways they would have never previously imagined, while helping their communities, including key workers and the vulnerable.” Jude asked a group of food lovers and retail experts, including Sat Bains, Romy Gill, Jeremy Gill, Funmi Fetto and myself to recommend some of our favourite retailers that are helping us get through lockdown. (Read the full piece here.)

Much to my amusement, Lettice got a shout out in this piece by Katrina Burroughs for The Times on how to train your dog for social media stardom.

Rachel Thompson has written a sweet piece for Mashable on How to cheer up your loved ones from a distance. She quotes me talking about the care packages that I am putting together for my mother.

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