I have done some extraordinarily diverse things since I started LibertyLondonGirl some thirteen years ago, but June saw a first: I was guest judge at a dog show, the inaugural Highgate Fair in the Square Dog Show.

We were three judges in total – the lovely local vet, myself, and Laurel the Fox Terrier’s owner. As you can see above, Lettice took some persuading that Laurel was friend, not foe.

Before heading to the show ring for the judging, Lettice and I had a lovely time browsing all the Fair’s stalls, and especially enjoyed meeting the talented artist Steph Stewart, whose paintings are below.

Wandering around Highgate Village always induces a case of acute house envy
Entrants lining up for the first class – Best Puppy!

The classes we were judging were:

  • Best Puppy (<1 year)
  • Best Male Dog (1 to 10 years)
  • Best Female Dog (1 to 10 years)
  • Best Senior (10+)
  • Best Trick 

 I had no idea how hard it would be to choose a winner in each class: honestly I just wanted to give each wonderful dog a prize, so narrowing each category down to just the first and second place was not easy. 

Best Puppy Winner (LOVE)
One day someone will look at me the way Zelda looks at Chloe when she has treats

It was also lovely to see how many rescue dogs were taking part amongst the sea of schnauzers and cockapoos. Thank you to the organisers for asking me to take part, and hopefully see some of you there next year!

Best Trick Winner – this dog jumped into the suitcase at the end of its display

This lovely dog won Best in Show  (chosen from the winners from the other categories), and was crowed First Dog of Highgate 2019, winning a free groom from Betty B’s. And that’s how you know the winner definitely wasn’t fixed – that beautiful pooch will need a LOT of time on its groom!

Chloe, Zelda, and my fellow judge, the vet from Highgate Vets
Darling Zelda enjoying her prize of Hugo & Celine dog ice cream.
So it turns out that Great Danes are huge softies,
and are terribly scared by small, cross 5lb sausage dogs.
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