As it’s the hottest week of the year so far, I thought I would give a shout out to something I have very recently discovered: dog ice cream.

Yes, I know. It’s sounds ridiculous. A product for over-indulged dogs, bought by owners with more money than sense. But, bear with me.

Last month I was a judge at the Highgate Fair in the Square Dog Show. Entrants that were placed first or second were given a voucher for a free mini tub of Hugo & Celine dog ice cream.

I was pretty dubious but, having seen that lovely dog at top practically trying to climb into the stop-me-and-buy-one ice cream cart, I figured that there must be *something* about it.

Darling Zelda came second in the Veterans Class, (Obviously I recused myself from judging this class, but was absolutely in agreement and dead chuffed when the local vet called her forwards from the line up.) So, once my judging duties were done, we wandered up to collect her ice cream.

And, well, blimey. Not only did Zelda inhale hers, but Lettice, who is insanely fussy, got in on the act too, asking to lick out Zelda’s pot.

Ignoring that fact that I might well be biased by the fact that Hugo & Celine’s logo is two short-haired Dachshunds, the eponymous, Hugo & Celine, I really couldn’t be more impressed at how much every dog we saw was loving their treat.​

The brand is Swedish, and has a lovely origin story: back in 2014, the ten year old daughter of the family was asked to come up with a new ice cream flavour for a friend’s ice cream business. Her idea for dog ice cream was rejected, but her parents thought there was something in the idea.

So, in 2015, they launched Hugo & Celine dog ice cream at restaurants and cafes in the Stockholm area. A year later 2016 they had more than 40.000 happy yappy doggy-customers, and in 2017 they started exporting the ice cream.

Their literature claims that the afore-mentioned Hugo and Celine taste tested numerous ice cream textures and flavours, ultimately choosing three: “Lickin Liver, Slick Salmon and Magic Moose”. Each variety contains just lactose-free yogurt, no process sugar, and either, ox liver, salmon or moose mince.

You can find out more information, and stockists at

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