I am very excited that authors Kate Watson-Smythe, Francesca Segal and Laura Mucha will be kicking off the literary summer season here in my London home.

The first dinner will be hosted by me and Kate Watson-Smyth on Tuesday 09 July, followed by Francesca Segal on Tuesday 16 July, and Laura Mucha on Tuesday 23 July. Details of how to book tickets follow at the end of this post.

When I moved here and realised that I had this wonderful outside space for entertaining, I decided that the perfect thing to do here would be to host evenings for like-minded people to sit, eat and discuss interesting things.

And what could be more interesting that brilliant women talking about their literary endeavours?

The format of each evening will be based around a conversation between myself and the author for around half an hour whilst we all sit around the outdoor dining table. Whilst we talk, there will be generous platters of hot and cold canapés and crudités on the table for everyone to enjoy. (Nothing worse than not being fed asap!)

Then the main course will be served, followed by pudding and then cheese, and coffee, and fresh mint tea from my herb garden.

We expect the food part of the evening to be have been finished by 10pm, but of course conversation may continue…

 Mad About the House: How To Decorate Your Home With Style) by Kate Watson-Smyth

Kate Watson-Smyth is a journalist who has worked for most of the national titles including The Financial Times, The Daily Mail and The Independent. Her award-winning blog, madaboutthehouse.com was founded in 2012 and has been ranked as the UK’s number one interiors blog since 2015 (Vuelio).

She is the author of two books (Shades of Grey and  Mad About the House : How To Decorate Your Home With Style), the second is a best-seller and her third will be out next March.

In Mad About the House Kate expands on her award-winning blog, and shares an extraordinary wealth of experience in home design to help readers make the most of their space, be it a house, apartment or single room. Whatever your style, Mad About The House is a must-have for anyone who is interested in interior design and who wants to make their house a home.

Love Factually: The Science of Who, How and Why We Love by Laura Mucha

Poets, philosophers and artists have been trying to explain romantic love for centuries, but it remains one of the most complex and intimidating terrains to navigate. Most people are afraid to be open and honest about their relationships – until now.

For her new book, Love Factually, Laura Mucha has interviewed hundreds of strangers, from the ages of 8 to 95 in more than 40 countries, asking them to share their most personal stories, feelings and insights about love. These intimate and illuminating conversations raised important questions, such as:

How does your upbringing influence your relationships? Does love at first sight exist? Should you ‘just know’? What should you look for in a partner? Is monogamy natural? Why do people cheat? How do you know when it’s time to walk away?

Drawing on psychology, philosophy, anthropology and statistics, Love Factually combines evidence, theory and everyday experience and is the perfect read for anyone who is curious about how we think, feel and behave when it comes to love.

The Awkward Age, and Mother Ship by Francesca Segal

Winner of The Costa First Novel Award 2012, and longlisted for The Women’s Prize For Fiction 2013 for her first novel The Innocents, Francesca Segal has just published her third book, Mother Ship

After her identical twin girls are born ten weeks prematurely, Francesca Segal finds herself sitting vigil in the ‘mother ship’ of neonatal intensive care, all romantic expectations of new parenthood obliterated. Her gripping diary of those months combines the tenderness of a love poem with the compulsive pace of a thriller. As each day brings a fresh challenge for her and her babies, Francesca makes a temporary life among a band of mothers who are vivid, fearless, and inspiring, taking care not only of their children but of one another. 

Mother Ship is an intimate, raucous, sublime and electrifying memoir. It is a hymn to the sustaining power of women’s friendships, and a loving celebration of the two small girls – and their mother – who defy the odds


The ticket price of £55 will include a personally signed hardback copy of each author’s most recent book, food and drink over a four course dinner, and a 20% donation of ticket revenue to a charity of each author’s choosing in lieu of a speaking fee.

If you would like to attend one – or more – of the suppers, please email contact@libertylondongirl.com and we will send you details of how to book and pay.


Please do inform us of any food allergies, or intolerances in advance. We can happily cater for gluten- and lactose-free diets, vegans and vegetarians. We cannot cater for severe or life threatening gluten or nut allergy sufferers as we do not have a separate allergy-free kitchen or equipment. Whilst there will be a range of options for the above diets on the evening as part of the communal meal, we cannot guarantee complete provision if we are not given notice when purchasing your ticket.

Tickets are non-refundable once purchased, but we will do our best to help you re-sell via the waiting list if possible. Please note that all timings are approximate.

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