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I was thrilled to be asked to work with Bénédictine to showcase their delicious BÉNÉ Mama cocktail for Mother’s Day, which was originally created for Bénédictine by Shaker and Company.

The herbal liqueur has always had a place in my cocktail cabinet – my parents love it, so it’s always been familiar to me, and I find the grassy green notes surprisingly versatile.

It also has a very beguiling back story:

Whilst the actual recipe for Bénédictine remains a closely-guarded secret, legend has it that in 1510 the Benedictine monk Don Bernardo Vincelli created the recipe for what we now know as the delicious French liqueur. It calls for some twenty-seven plants and spices, of which the three main ingredients are the herbs Angelica, Hyssop, and Lemon Balm.

After these are mixed together, the solution is then infused with saffron, honey and caramel in a sophisticated production process that takes two years and gives Bénédictine its distinctive flavour.

mothers day benedictine bene mama cocktail - 1

The BÉNÉ Mama cocktail is a twist on the classic Bellini. The sweet, herbal Bénédictine is paired with peach puree, and pineapple juice, a dash of lemon, then topped with ice cold Prosecco to create a delicious cocktail for for brunch.

I decided that the best way to showcase the Bénédictine BÉNÉ Mama cocktail was to present it how I would serve it myself for Mother’s Day.

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We’ve always loved a beautiful tabletop in my family; whether it’s for Easter, Christmas or Mothering Sunday, we have always taken great pleasure in making the dining table look attractive.

mothers day tabletop ideas design spring flowers - 07

The design itself doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time consuming. I find that the key is to pick a hero colour and everything else stems from that. For this Mother’s Day design I took the vibrant orange tones of the BÉNÉ Mama cocktail which will be served with lunch as my starting point. I also knew the cocktail would look wonderful against the beautiful pale blue and white vintage Coalport dinner service that I found in a charity shop last year.

mothers day tabletop ideas design spring flowers - 04

With both the cocktail and the plates in mind, I headed out to Columbia Road Flower market, where I bought armfuls of ranunculus, scented pale narcissi, and gorgeous striated parrot tulips; their collected creamy prettiness really allows the cocktail to shine.

mothers day tabletop ideas design spring flowers - 02

Then I added in a grey linen tablecloth, and picked a length of grey velvet ribbon that I found in a local craft shop to tie bows to hold single stems of the narcissi onto my cream damask napkins.

grey velvet ribbon bow napkin damask white

The recipe for the BÉNÉ Mama cocktail for Mother’s Day is below. I’ve also created a series of Instagram Stories to show how I made it, which can be found over at on the Bénédictine Highlights tab:

mothers day benedictine bene mama cocktail - 4

20ml Bénédictine
15ml Peach Puree
15ml Pineapple juice
10ml Lemon Juice
Top with Prosecco
Garnish: Lemon Twist
Glass: Flute

mothers day benedictine bene mama cocktail - 3


Measure the Bénédictine, peach puree, pineapple juice and lemon juice into a cocktail shaker.

Add lots of ice and shake vigorously for 4 seconds.

Strain the liquid into a chilled champagne flute then slowly top up the drink with Prosecco, stirring carefully to ensure all the ingredients are properly combined.

Garnish, then serve.

mothers day tabletop ideas design spring flowers - 09
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Just taken inspiration from your pretty table gathering bluebells, primroses, wild garlic flowers and sprigs of mint to put into a collection of vintage scientific glassware that I’ve just inherited. Sunday lunch for friends is going to look so pretty! Thank you!


oh that’s so lovely to hear! It sounds just ravishingly pretty. Sasha xx

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