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As some of you may have seen on Instagram last week, I’ve decided to add a lot more regular fashion content to LLG – one of my most popular posts in the last two years on here was my AW17 dressing guide and, over on Instagram it was a fashion portrait of me from an Ascot-themed shoot. That WAS a surprise: if I’d been asked to guess I would have suggested images of @lovelylettice, an interiors shot from my home, food, or maybe my garden this summer. ⁣

Since I stopped being an anonymous blogger in 2010, unless it was for a commercial project, I’ve still generally avoided putting myself on any of my channels due to always feeling that peculiarly English mixture of show off-y and awkward when putting oneself forward. And, also, I guess, because once upon a time I was a fashion editor and stylist and the blog etc was where I did different stuff.⁣

But here’s the thing: when I drilled down my Instagram analytics from the past two years six of the most popular images were all fashion pics of me. ⁣

So given that it’s clearly only me that’s got an issue with me doing fashion, I’ve decided that in 2019 I’m going to stop worrying about what other people think and try to stop feeling like a prance-y show off. ⁣

I mean I’ve never stopped loving fashion, never stopped engaging with what I wear, never stopped knowing about the business – I appear regularly on TV & BBCRadio 4 talking about the fashion industry, and still write the odd piece for publications when asked. ⁣

So we’re going to take more images of my wardrobe – with me in the clothes. Not always new things because we don’t all need new clothes all of the time but just what I’m wearing day to day. Occasionally we might do some shoots with borrowed clothes for inspiration…we’ll see how it goes.

black midi print dress coat M&S Sasha Wilkins - 3

So today’s look is my new Marks & Spencer print midi dress that I bought last week, paired with a black wool Jaeger coat that must be at least three years old, last summer’s white ankle boots which are still going very strong for SS19, paired with lovely warm black opaque tights. Hell will freeze over before I go all bare legged in January, regardless of fashion dictates.

black midi print dress coat M&S white ankle boots

The mid calf length shows no sign of disappearing any time soon and even I, who have good legs and loves a short skirt, has decided that this is a very grown up and flattering length. This M&S Floral Print Waisted Midi Dress is £65: not hugely cheap for fabric that feels a little flammable but, on the plus side, it holds its knife pleats perfectly and goes in the washing machine at 30C. I’ve been trying to swerve away from black but the print lightens the look. And I do love a long sleeve.

There will always be a place for a good black coat in any closet – they go with everything, work everywhere from office to funerals, smarten up denim, and look sleek over an LBD. I do love Jaeger for an investment coat – this one is almost as good as new years later. Try this Jaeger one, or this perfect single breasted number from Jigsaw.

black midi print dress coat M&S Sasha Wilkins - 2

I’m always going to be a sucker for a pair of Wolford Velvet de Luxe 66 Support Tights – never cheap but they last for ages. I’m also hearing very good things about the fit and wear of Heist tights – although I haven’t tried them yet.

white ankle boots miniature dachshund

These almond-toed white boots were one of my most loved purchases last summer (with a press gift voucher via the Shoeaholics site – it’s the Kurt Geiger group’s outlet site and has amazing reductions), and the nearest that I can find this season are the very good Izzy style from The Outnet.

These Carvela ones have a pointed toe (instead of an almond) and are £99 in the sale (reduced from £129). If you prefer a kitten heel, then try a pair of these Kurt Geiger’s (£29, reduced from £99 but only in a 7 & or 8). You could also combine two trends in these white Mint Velvet cowboy boots (£149).

I’ve also put together a click through gallery of various styles of white ankle boots:

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I found your site via your courtyard makeover, lucked out with your breast reduction journey (just had one, life changing!) and stayed because I could relate so much to your personal style. I love all your (well written) content – travel, fashion, home, food, Lettice and your oh so British perspective ! I even purchased an M&S dress you wore. So please do continue!


I love this look but really unsure how to wear white shoes and boots! Do you think you can just swap them out for black boots, or are there rules here?


you look so gorgeous in this outfit. Love this outfit!


Thank you so much!


I love this combination of a mid-length dress and boots. It has a very chic vibe. Though I don’t have any white shoes in my collection, I don’ t know, I guess I’m afraid they will be ruined too fast, so I always avoid them. Any other recommendation of shoes which can offer a plus to the outfit?


I love this combination of a mid-length dress and boots. It has a very chic vibe. Though I don’t have any white shoes in my collection, I don’t know, I guess I’m afraid they will be ruined too fast, so I always avoid them. Any other recommendations of shoes that can offer a plus to the outfit?


beautiful and pretty designer dress. This dress is completely matching your and I like your dressing sense.


WOW nice combination.. your looking gourgeous…

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