miniature dachshund freshpet dog food review

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I think it’s fair to say that Lettice, my miniature dachshund, has earned her family nickname of Princess Lettice. She’s stubborn (bloody minded) and pernickity like most of her sausage-y brethren, and has extremely fixed views on what she will and won’t do. That ranges from wearing clothes (absolutely no way unless it’s a sensible coat that doesn’t impede squirrel chasing) to what she will eat (preferably poached chicken, and pieces of Brie but will consider other options.)

Because I am clearly not going to be poaching chicken breasts for madam on a daily, or even weekly basis, but do want to make sure she isn’t eating the canine equivalent of junk food, I’ve become an inveterate label reader.  I do not want to be feeding her bulk fillers, chemicals and dodgy preservatives, or over-processed ingredients, and I’m definitely interested in grain free dog food options too.

It’s simple really – I love my dog, want her to feel and look her absolute best, with a properly wet nose, glossy fur, and bags of energy for all that squirrel worrying, and I know that feeding her good food is the route to this.Lettice for Freshpet

Currently I’m giving her (and Maisie too when she comes for a sleepover) Freshpet which, unlike most of the dog food on the market, is kept refrigerated. It’s made from whole ingredients at Freshpet’s own kitchens, which are steam-cooked at lower temperatures to lock in vital nutrients and it’s all cooked to FDA and USDA standards. Most importantly for me, they never use any artificial preservatives,, colours or flavours, fillers, or “meat powders.”

miniature dachshund freshpet dog food review

The version in these photographs comes in rolls, rather like delicatessen sausage, so it’s easy to store and serve, (all Freshpet products must be kept refrigerated at all times and used within 7 days of opening) and it goes a long way too for a little dog.

You can find out more information about Freshpet here

miniature dachshund freshpet dog food review

For example, the Freshpet® Select Tender Chicken With Vegetables & Brown Rice Dog Food she’s eating in these pictures has the following ingredient list:

Fresh Chicken (62%), Chicken Liver (14%), Carrots (6%), Rice Bran, Chicken (4%), Eggs, Brown Rice (2%), Peas (1%), Minerals, Garlic Powder, Celery Seed Powder

That’s it.

Of course, the proof is in the eating – I could agree to umpteen collaborations with Lettice for the blog, but it’s pretty pointless if she won’t actually touch the product. But the proof here is in the eating: Please note Lettice’s expression as she really gets into her lunch.

miniature dachshund freshpet dog food review

And look at Lettice’s face when Maisie stole her lunch!

freshpet review dachshund

You can find Freshpets stockists in the UK here:


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When our fur babies are happy and healthy, we are too. Grain free is good and organic, antibiotic free is also important. I’ll look for this product in the USA. Thank you for the recommendation.


Aww Lettice’s face at the end haha bless her!
She did look like she enjoyed it!
Debs @


Such a nice post… cute Maisie stole


she’s such a piglet! LLGxx

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