Above: Sasha, Louise & Emma on a BOLD by Louise sofa for Harveys

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Let’s not pretend – big box furniture retailers often get a bad rap. They have to cater for a huge range of buyers with differing taste all over the country. But, as I’ve often found out, it’s best to leave one’s preconceptions at the door, as there are some great pieces of design to be found. And you don’t even need to look that hard.

Case in point: the new BOLD by Louise collection available exclusively at Harveys. That’s right: Louise Redknapp has partnered with Harveys. So far, so meh – another unlikely celebrity (singer, dancer, fashion plate) bolting her name onto a collab.

But, actually, no.

I think it’s pretty clear after twelve years of LLG that I am a world class cynic. When I was first approached by Harveys to work with them and to interview Louise on stage at the BOLD by Louise launch event I was dubious to an extreme.

And then I simultaneously met Louise and saw the collection a few weeks before it launched in London. And we didn’t stop talking. For it turns out that Louise is as design literate as I am, actually maybe even more. And this collection has been well over a year in the making, and by that I don’t mean that it was conceived a year ago and Louise stamped her name on it after it had been designed.

No, Louise was there from conception to, er, birth. Because, as she has told me many, many times since, there was absolutely no damn way she was putting her name to anything that didn’t reflect her taste and her design aesthetic.

As she says, “I only design things I would put in my own family home” – given that she’s replaced a B&B Italia sofa with the BOLD by Louise Icon Corner Sofa with FOOT Stool from Harveys in her living room at home, I think you can take this as a Good Thing.  She’s also really thought about how we use key investments like sofas and chairs in our homes: for example the BOLD by Louise Loveseat is super wide, because she knows how children (and dogs) like to pile in together on one chair.

My favourite moment was when she told me that when she was pushing for a design detail someone said, ‘but would the Harveys customer like or want that?’. Her reply? They – and  you – won’t know until you offer it to them. And I think that sums up the entire collection – it does push the aesthetic that we’ve come to expect from the High Street, but that’s an entirely good thing. Why should we compromise on design just because it’s from a big box retailer? BOLD by Louise has specifically been designed not to be predictable – it’s for those looking to revamp their homes with style and confidence and to push the style boundaries of what we expect to be able to buy.

It’s the details in this collection that count. They make the pieces not just look but feel luxurious: take the  sofa legs, which aren’t just plain wooden screw ons. They are super stylish brass metal ones, of the type you’d expect on a sofa at Salone di Mobile, not Brent Park Retail. (I was very excited when I first saw them, as bad sofa legs are a particular bete noire of mine.) The sofa cushions have been made extra wide so you can sink into them – tall people will especially appreciate this, and they match properly edge to edge when plumped up.

I’ve got several of the BOLD by Louise scatter cushions at home and, with their proper upholstery piping, deep dyed luxurious and extremely strokeable velvet, they put the ones I’ve bought elsewhere on the High Street to shame.

The BOLD by Louise range is available in a range of rich colours and confident neutrals: from chic coral and dramatic indigo, to deep emerald, rich charcoal, clean white and BOLD turmeric among others. The fabric choices include the strokeable velvets in these photos from the BOLD By Louise for Harveys launch, as well as soft wools and luxurious linens .

Above: Sasha interviewing Louise on stage at the launch of the BOLD by Louise collection available exclusively at Harveys

Sasha, Kal Singh, Managing  Director for Harveys Furniture
& Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp & Emna Thatcher of A Style Album by Lou & Em


This is a Sponsored Post in association with Harveys

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