Above: The Jubilee saltwater pool on the Promenade in St Ives, Cornwall

There was a point about some five years ago where readers used to joke that the site should be called LibertyCornwallGirl because I spent so much time in the South West of England. And although I was there frequently, I was astonished when I worked out that I haven’t actually been back since the summer of 2016, and I did feel that it was long overdue

I had planned to completely swerve London Fashion Week this season by heading down to Cornwall for at least a week. Then I was optioned for a job so put my plans on ice. Of course, as is so often the way, the job was confirmed for a completely different date, and I found myself with a clear five days and a disinclination to spend those days mooching about in London.

Above: Carbis Bay Hotel Beach Lodge, outside St Ives

Throwing myself on the mercy of a PR friend who is an expert on all things Kernow, I found myself with a last minute itinerary, which would take me to St Ives, Penzance, and then to Salcombe in Devon. I was first to visit the Carbis Bay Hotel, just outside beautiful St Ives, to check out their new super luxe beachside lodges.

Above: Carbis Bay Beach, early on Sunday morning with Lettice

Then the Chapel House boutique hotel in Penzance just down the road from St Ives, which has been on my wish list for a long time, and the Jubilee (open air, seawater) Pool also in Penzance, and then do a little hiking along the Coastal Path in Devon whilst staying at the extraordinarily dog-friendly Soar Mill Cove Hotel.

tate st ives gallery patrick heron

Above: Admiring the Patrick Herons at Tate St. Ives on a Sunday morning.

I got up very early on a Saturday, packing my little two seater roadster with everything that I could possibly need, from hiking boots to swimsuits, Barbour to sundresses, into the car in a game of packing Jenga, whilst still managing to find space for Lettice to sit on her dog bed on the passenger seat.

chapel house penzance bedroom cornwall boutique hotel

Above: Chapel House Penzance.

I was expecting the journey to take 6-7 hours but, blessed with completely empty roads in London, thanks to our early start, it actually took us about five hours to get down to almost the tip of the South West of our island, which is almost a record. It is ridiculous really how far we are all willing to travel when in Foreign, yet find ourselves so reluctant to travel in the UK. When I lived in America, I thought nothing of a five hour car journey – funny how we compress our expectations when back home. (Although the lack of wide open roads, and the cost of petrol here no doubt contributes.)

Above: Barbara Hepworth Studio, St Ives

I had a perfect four days exploring, from a morning of art in St Ives, taking in Tate St Ives and the wonderful Patrick Heron exhibition, and Barbara Hepworth’s studio, which has been preserved just as she left it, to delicious meals at The Cornish Barn in Penzance, and The Porthmeor Beach Cafe in St Ives. We finished up with a splendidly bracing walk along the Coastal Path outside Salcombe whilst staying at Soar Mill Cove which is set in the middle of the wildest and wonderful walking landscape.

Then it was a four and a half hour drive back to London. Reviews of each hotel are to follow but, please, do feel free to email or comment if you have any questions in the interim.

soar mill cove hotel salcombe devon coast path dog friendly - 04

Above: Soar Mill Cove, nestled into the hills outside Salcombe

Below: the Devon Coastal Path at Soar Mill Cove

Sasha and Lettice were both guests of the following properties in Cornwall and in Devon. She was also hosted at The Cornish Barn in Penzance.

Carbis Bay Hotel
Carbis Bay, Saint Ives TR26 2NP

Porthmeor Beach Cafe, on the beach underneath Tate St Ives.
No reservations for for breakfast or lunch. Reservations are taken for dinner only.
Please check their website for summer & winter opening hours

Chapel House
Chapel St, Penzance TR18 4AQ

The Jubilee Pool
Battery Rd, Penzance TR18 4FF

The Cornish Barn restaurant
20 Chapel St, Penzance TR18 4AW

  Soar Mill Cove Hotel
Soar Mill, Salcombe, Kingsbridge TQ7 3DS

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Hi, love your posts and sorry to be picky but the Jubilee Pool is in Penzance not St Ives.

With love from a Cornish woman 🙂


Yes, I know! After all I did actually visit – and swim there – hence the photos. It was a typo, as it does say that it was in the same place as Chapel House Penzance, but thank you for spotting it! Good to know I have such eagle eyed readers! (You and the novelist Jill Mansell both spotted it!) LLGcc


Do you think it perhaps sounds contradictory to suggest that your pr friend came up with an itinerary but a lot seems to have been hosted? Would it have been more accurate to say you planned a holiday around some opportunities you have via your business (which I think is completely legitimate, and good on you for building the business).


Firstly thank you for the compliment about the business.

I’m sorry you thought this post might be misleading. I’m always willing to consider criticism but, in this case, think it is unwarranted. I really don’t understand your point, as I’m very confused as to what the contradiction could possibly be? Surely saying that a PR came up with an itinerary suggests that part of it was hosted?! Why else mention the word PR? (The PR who organised my accommodations IS a friend so I make no apology for that particular phrase.)

By saying that she was a PR expert in Cornwall rather than a friend who knew about Cornwall, I was clearly flagging that part of my trip was organised by a PR. (I never like to miss an opportunity to make organic disclosures part of the story.)

Equally there is a clear disclosure at the end of the post before the hotel details, which you may have missed:

“Sasha and Lettice were both guests of the following properties in Cornwall and in Devon. She was also hosted at The Cornish Barn in Penzance.”

I would also like to point out that I did this trip off my own initiative in order to garner content for LLG. It wasn’t planned as a holiday, but as a way to update my Cornwall content on the site. I wasn’t approached to do it, and travelled under my own auspices: I planned my own route, paid for my petrol, driving my own car, visited all the attractions mentioned as a paying member of the public, and made my own decisions as to where and when I visited places. This was categorically NOT an organised press trip so I don’t feel that it required a lengthy disclosure mid-copy

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