Poor Letty. First she has to endure two separate bouts of crate rest this year because of her back problems, and then, on one of her first good walks back on Hampstead Heath, she damages a claw, necessitating its removal.

Apparently if a dog’s claws are too long they can catch, break or bend. In Lettice’s case she has abnormally long claws, which makes it difficult for a groomer to work out where to cut them. (In a claw a blood vessel runs down them and you have to know where exactly to cut the nail to avoid a blood fountain.) So a combination of the groomer not cutting them short enough, along with infrequent walks on hard surfaces and her claw snapping was an accident waiting to happen.

So cue a very sad Lettice, who went to the vet to have it removed under sedation two weeks ago. I was devastated as I had to leave London for filming in the country, so Holly picked her up from Village Vet and kept me updated with pupdate pics via WhatsApp.

So there’s been a lot of doughnut-ing:

And a lot of snoozing

Someone also managed to make very short work of their yellow bandage. It was there one second, and gone the next

And then she managed to remove her pink bandage. So we improvised.

Of course, two weeks later she is right as rain, although we’ve held off on long walks until the claw has started to grow back. And we’ll be going to the veterinary nurse in the future for claw cutting – or a pawdicure, as Holly likes to call it, as they can cauterise the claw if the blood vessel is accidentally cut.

All I can say is thank goodness for pet insurance.

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