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I’ve written before about my problems with crippling social anxiety and, although it’s got so much better over the years, I still sometimes get the fear when walking into social situations where I don’t know anyone. In these situationsI find it’s helpful to have a mantra – I like to say the word ‘courage‘ to myself as I enter the room to give me some much-needed mental strength..

So when, Links of London asked me to choose a piece from their very wide range of items that can be engraved, from jewellery, including bracelets and pendants, to tie bars, collar stiffeners and cufflinks, although I was very tempted by the idea of self-gifting myself the compact mirror, and I’ve always loved the idea of engraving a message on the back of a watch for only the wearer to know, I decided on this beautiful gold vermeil necklace and pendant, which had a tiny secret on it, just for me.

On one side I asked for the word ‘Courage‘ to be engraved.

I’ve always liked the idea of engraving personal messages for just the wearer to see – it follows on from the Seventeenth Century idea of poesy rings, where a short message -religious, friendly or amorous – was engraved on the inside of a ring. (The name was derived from the French word “poésie” or poem and, if you are interested, I wrote a long feature for The Wall Street Journal about antique jewellery here.)

Hence ‘courage‘: a little reminder for me to always be brave

Y0u can check out the entire collection of  items suitable for engraving at Links of London here.


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Absolutely love this idea, so beautiful!

Rebecca |


I do know the feeling well. I usually take a deep breath, and march on into a room full of strangers, possibly my most dreaded activity (which I had to learn to overcome). I like the idea of “courage” engraved on a pendant, there to be lightly touched when need be.


I had the most wonderful grandmother who lived to be 98. In times of trouble I say to myself, “You are Esme’s granddaughter” and it gives me courage.


The truth is nobody cares anyway. Everyone is of in their own little worlds and so that gives piece of mind in social situations. As long as you behave in a certain way you don’t attract the negative behave so there is not anything to cause the elements of fear either.


What a gorgeous necklace and an inspiring message to engrave. Nice to have a little reminder close to your heart when out and about. I love the personal element! 🙂

Stephanie xox
The LDN Gal

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