I had been in two minds about joining the protest march in central London yesterday:  racism/corruption/wall/incarcerated children/Roe v Wade/LGBTQ rights etc etc vs another country’s president/trade/special relationship etc etc  but Trump’s shocking bad manners, and divisive and ill-informed actions and words during his UK visit decided me firmly in favour of participation.

It’s true that we don’t all get on the streets when our government hosts other corrupt world leaders but Trump truly is in a special league all of his own.

(And watching my dog, Lettice, go berserk thanks to his sodding helicopter convention above Regent’s Park for the past two days hasn’t warmed me up much either. I am loving my friend Debora’s description of it as a helipram – for a president to scared to travel by road because of the protestors everywhere.)

I joined my Americans in London posse – Ayla, Chloe and Anne for a little light protesting on Regent Street.


The Daily Mail may have called us a mob of some 10 000 pro Corbynists but don’t believe their propaganda. The march was well in excess of 100 000, with some reports putting it as high as 250 000. And I’m pretty sure George Osborne is no Corbynista…

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We cheered you on in California.


Go you!
I am so proud of anyone who was able to get to the marches (so sad I couldn’t) in order to make a not insignificant point that 45 is such a disappointing example of what a leader should be like. It’s unprecedented that the UK protests so forcibly against a world leader visiting the nation – and I think that says a lot about how poorly 45 is perceived and how rotten his policiesa are which have impact around the world.


Great to see so many people show up and share


well done for showing what fair minded British people really care about


So happy to see the Brits come out in droves to protest our idiotic President. Made us feel less alone.

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