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I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels constantly dehydrated during the winter months. Even with the help of a Dyson Humidifier, and saucers of water balanced on radiators, my skin feels parched and I am always thirsty. I’ve taken to toting a Swell bottle around with me, and having a BKR glass flask on my desk to keep me hydrated.

When I drove to Gloucestershire in a snowstorm to stay with friends just after Christmas I packed just a few products to take with me – my car has a very low chassis and too much weight in the boot can cause it to get stuck in snow and mud, or worse still, skid, so I have to pack very light if I want to actually arrive in one piece at my destination. This is very unlike me; I am from the kitchen sink school of packing if I am not flying, so having to choose one serum, one moisturiser and one scent was challenging.

Anyway, these are the three that I chose. Firstly I’m recommending a scent that makes me think that warmer days can’t be far off.

DIPTYQUE Oyedo Eau De Toilette 

I’ve been a Diptyque Eau de Sens loyalist since its launch two years ago, and have just finished my second bottle. I’m not sure how their Oyedo scent passed me by, but I came across it last year  when a Diptyque scent specialist recommended it to me when she discovered that I adore citrus notes in fragrance.

Where Eau de Sens is all about distillations of orange, Oydeo brings a sharp, fresh hit of citrus zest, inspired by Japan’s ancient imperial city, Edo and the slightly spicy freshness of yuzu, a small fruit in the citrus family.  The top notes are orange, lemon, lime, tamarind, green mandarin, and yuzu, the middle notes are thyme, and the base note is woody. That citrusy sharpness with its woody depth reminds me slightly of Dior’s first men’s fragrance Eau Sauvage (released in 1966) which is frequently worn by women and likewise Oyedo can also be worn as a unisex scent.

VICHY Minéral 89 Skin Booster

My lizard skin loves a good blast of hyaluronic acid and this is a particularly good version. Containing natural origin hyaluronic acid along with the highest concentration of Vichy Thermal Mineralizing Water in any of their products (89% ), it’s designed to plump and strengthen the skin barrier and protect it from pollution. (You may have noticed that anti-pollution products are the current Big Thing in skincare, now that the beauty companies have decided we all know about SPFs.) Anyway, this gives me lovely smooth plump skin and is a winter skin saviour. (And it doesn’t aggravate my tricky, rosacea skin in any way.)

I’ve taken to keeping the bottle in the kitchen by the kettle and slapping a bit on whenever I make a cup of tea.

(Currently 25% off on the Vichy website here RRP £22. now £16.50.)

DECORTE Overnight Performance Cream from the Vi-Fusion range.

Okay, I’m starting off here with a disclaimer – there are a lot of products kicking around here in the LLG office and, whilst I usually read the press release when they are sent to me, I rarely check the price of a product. This is mainly because when you know something is very costly I think it can skew your opinion.

So I was given a taster set of three Decorte products at their very glossy launch at The Connaught towards the end of the year – think afternoon tea, all of the orchids, hot and cold running beauty editors, Kate Moss in attendance etc etc, and have been using them on and off since then, with no idea of the price of any of the products.

Decorte is a Japanese brand – you may have come across  Kose products from the same company, and in its Vi-Fusion line contains Onsen water from geo-thermally heated volcanic springs in Japan, which claim to infuse skin with magnesium, potassium, sodium and other vital elements in micro-sizes that won’t stress the skin or cause further inflammation.

The Vi-Fusion Overnight Performance Cream in particular has been used a lot by me over these cold months. It has a gorgeous silky texture, my skin feels plump the next morning, and I haven’t had a single break out in two months. It certainly hasn’t exacerbated my rosacea, and may even have lessened the redness. I think my skin texture is better, more resilient too. I used it consistently during the snow after Christmas and I didn’t have a single dry patch, either from being outdoors or from the dehydrating effects of the overworked central heating. I’ve used it on my decollete too with good results. (Am I the only one who hears Caroline Hirons‘ voice saying ‘take it to the tits‘ when I apply my night cream?) In short, I think it’s fantastic, living  up to its promise to hydrate, lift, and firm.

(It contains a proprietary cacao seed complex that they believe counters debilitating UVA damage to fibrillin, which is essential to the formation of elastin fibres that make up skin’s overall “scaffolding.”)

And now the kicker – it’s available exclusively from Selfridges and it is £235. Would I buy it? No. I have a demanding sausage dog to feed and bills to pay. As I always say, both on here and on emails when asked by readers, if a £235 beauty product is to you what a Boots No7 cream is to the rest of the population then go ahead, knock yourself out. If not, don’t do it. There are plenty of brilliant efficacious products for less than a tenner out there too.

diptyque oyedo vichy mineral 89 daily booster decorte overnight performance cream - 3

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Right! Have bought the Vichy serum. I love their Aqualia range + I’m about to run out of my usual (+ more ££) Clarins hydrating serum. Will report back!

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