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Well, hello 2018. I actually wrote 2017 because my brain clearly hasn’t logged that it is indeed a new year. Yay! New Year! Yay…New me! Hmm

I’d just like it on record that I am not making any traditional New Year’s resolutions due to their utter unattainability. I think it’s clear that I will not be losing three stone by Easter, tripling my income. or completely changing my personality any time soon.

So this year I am all about the micro-resolutions.

Small everyday changes that I can easily achieve that in aggregate will feel like huge triumphs.

To this end I have created tick lists on my kitchen cupboards – a lot easier since I realised that their white, shininess means that I am can write and wipe off each day. (I do love scoring a line through a done thing on a to-do list.)

Most of my micro-resolutions relate to my health – I have a few boring issues at the moment, centred around digestion, my thyroid, and my liver, so it’s time to arrest any problems before they become major ones. I’ve done a LOT of research and am making some simple daily tweaks.

First up – the basics:

A shot of apple cider vinegar each morning in warm water. Thanks to Liz Earle who gave me some Willy’s ACV with the Mother, I am now a complete convert, and my gastritis symptoms haves definitely been ameliorated.

A hard-core probiotic every day. The one I take – Primadophilus Reuteri, was also recommended by Liz (thank you again!) who in turn was recommended it by an eminent neuroscientist. It’s quite obscure and the pot I tracked down via Amazon took three weeks to arrive, but I have faith. (It has been shown to have applications in colitis and with liver issues.)

Two cups of green, or olive leaf tea
I’m not a habitual five times a day tea drinker – I’m more of a when-I feel-like-it kettle boiler, but I am determined to make this a proper habit. The benefits of both teas are widely documented and it’s an easy addition to daily life. Handily Clipper have just sent me their entire range of organic green teas, and I discovered caffeine-free olive leaf tea when Panzer’s Deli sent me some in a hamper.

five a day vegetables

And ten-a-day. This really requires focus. Five portions of fruit and vegetable are attainable but I don’t think this gives me enough fibre, so ten it is. It needs thought because I was finding that if I eat my standard breakfast of two eggs and a piece of toast with no fruit or veg alongside, and then have maybe a wrap for lunch and pasta for supper I might only hit three a day. So it’s all change here – still with the eggs for breakfast, but they always have either Tenderstem broccoli or avocado in attendance, and preferably an apple too. That’s at least two portions already.

I now make sure I have a giant salad alongside one meal a day, which pretty much gives me five a day – lettuce, those pointy red peppers, avocado, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery are the basics. Maybe some chickpeas or olives if I have some in the fridge.

All main courses now have an automatic side of green veg – usually Savoy cabbage; if I want something sweet for pudding then I have a small bowl containing three teaspoons of organic whole fat yogurt (you need fat to absorb vitamins), a sprinkling of homemade granola and chopped walnuts with lots of chopped berries.

I’m keeping a bowl of apples in the living room, and a bow of clementines in the kitchen for snacking, and so far I am hitting 10 a day easily.

I’m aiming for 5000 steps a day. After much personal research I can state that if you work from home, and don’t have a commute it’s almost impossible to hit 10000 a day on a no-meeting day. One walk with Lettice for around an hour is approx. 5000, so this seems sensible. I used to aim for 10k but just stopped bothering at all as I rarely reached it – Lettice doesn’t need two hours a day, and I don’t have time for that. Far better to have a goal you can actually achieve and then add to. (Yesterday I did 12k.)

When I do leave the house my new rule is take the tube instead of driving, if sensible, and not to change tubes if the change is only for one stop. Yesterday I had a meeting in Blackfriars, so walked from Waterloo – 15 minutes, and on the way home crossed Blackfriars Bridge and walked to Farringdon – another extra 20 minutes. These are small packets of time that are easily added on to my schedule.

Twenty minutes of floor exercises a day and I’m joining Frame in Kings Cross to do Reformer Pilates three times a week.

What else?

I’m uploading and editing all photos at least every other day instead of leaving them to once a week – it’s a dull job, as all imagery has to be uploaded, edited, exported, resized, uploaded to the blog, and to the cloud for storage, and then coded for the blog. This means my laptop doesn’t fill up, I don’t need to leave hours to do this, and, if anything crashes or is stolen, then all my imagery is safe.

Twenty minutes of filing/sorting in the flat each day. The sheer amount of stuff that arrives here often doesn’t get logged until weeks after delivery, and then just sits in the office. I’m determined to stay on top of this – sort/photograph/acknowledge/use/donate….

There’s a massive whiteboard on one of my kitchen walls so I’ve created a permanent to-do list so every time I remember something I need to do it gets entered – my dyspraxic goldfish memory means otherwise I will forget. So far it’s really working – some things on there, like renew travel insurance aren’t needed yet, but it means that if I do book a trip I’ll see the reminder every time I walk through the kitchen.

I’ll check back in here in a month or so and let you know which new habits have stuck…

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Hi Sasha – happy new year! Some really useful tips here, thank you. One of my children has a diagnosis of dyspraxia and we’ve used a smallish whiteboard for a while but the giant one looks fun!


Seems like a lot of resolutions for a no-resolutions lady!


Just ordering the giant whiteboard for the office! Great recommendation thank you Sasha
Hope all well.
Carol x


Hi Sasha,
I too have boring thyroid issues and a terrible memory ! I bought a large white board just before xmas and it has really helped me get things organised. I used to end up with bits of paper everywhere with different to do lists on them. I find it so much easier having a whiteboard.
I will try and match you on the 10 a day but I’m lucky if I get to 5. I have a question for you re shopping for clothes and make up…. I am exhausted with all the different e mails and insta feeds that bombard me every day. I feel I am in a state of constant anxiety about whether I have bought “the right thing” . Do you think its ok just to pick a brand or couple of brands and just stick to them. Eg i have a local Bobbi store. i could easily just go there and update my make up bag but instead I scroll through tons of reviews etc. I am constantly buying clothes online then sending them back. Its driving me mental. I never feel “done”. Your advice would be much appreciated. x


It’s been ages since I’ve had time or head-space to comment here, but I wanted to say happy new year and congratulations on your surgery! I’ve read this blog for years, maybe close to a decade (I don’t know exactly when, but I started back when it was just a normal blog and you were anonymous). The boob thing was always an issue whenever you wrote about dressing yourself, and I could feel the stress of it just reading those posts. I’m only one of your many readers and don’t know you at all, but still I have felt incredibly moved by your account of the surgery and how transformed and liberated you felt afterwards. I’m so happy for you– it’s kind of weird, but I am.

Now I’m going to look into Olive Leaf tea.


Honestly micro-resolutions are the way to go, they require way less motivation and are pretty easy to achieve, and when you actually achieve them it’s as satisfying as regular big resolutions.

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