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It still hasn’t grown old: every day when I pull off my nightshirt I glance at my lovely chest and give thanks that I decided to undergo a breast reduction. As I wrote in my piece for The Pool last year, I had grown used to waking up in the middle of the night to hoick handfuls of sweaty boob out from under my armpits, to the angry red chafing on my ribcage, to not being able to find a single dress to wear in any shop on the high street that didn’t resemble a yacht’s spinnaker. It seemed barely possible that everyday life didn’t have to be corralled by the size of my chest.

But now, two and a half years later I have the lovely neat, pert breasts I could barely imagine when I first consulted with my surgeon. I’m now a comfortable 34D, and they are perfect. Literally. Thanks to the choice of ninja surgeon, a rather large credit card debt, and liberal use of HealGel, I barely have any visible scarring.

Yup, that’s right: that pair of sweeping curved angry red scars from under my armpits to the centre of my ribcage have faded to a faint line, and there are just a few pale purple marks on the underside of my breasts where some internal stitches floated to the surface. The only clue to my surgery is the pertness of my chest which is possibly not commensurate with my age.

In the first six months after the op when you aren’t allowed to wear an underwire, I wore simple black lace bralettes everyday but shopped for bras online like a lottery winner, making my bra fantasies come true, stockpiling for that six month watershed moment when I could start wearing them all.

The greatest joy is now to be found in my underwear drawer. Where previously I had only black bras – white made me look even vaster, and colour was a joke, I now have armfuls of lace bralettes, wire-free bras in neon hues, pretty underwired balconettes, embroidered bras, bras in every colour, style and design. Whilst I was grateful for the bras that I could wear when I was a 32GG, to have this kind of choice at my disposal is like being locked in Harrods Food Hall after hours with a limitless gift card.

Whilst I love my drawers of new underwear, once my post-op buying frenzy died down, I started to become a little more selective. One soon realises that bralettes aren’t actually a practical everyday choice, comfortable though they are at weekends and in the evening, as they don’t offer any support whatsoever.

Equally, whilst I still love a coloured bra, black is a more practical everyday choice if you don’t want bra straps on show, my new wardrobe of non-spinnaker dresses needs a proper foundation underneath, and a proper fitting and supportive bra, whether nor not it’s underwired, is just as important as it ever was. (Having forked out the price of a small car on my breasts, I’m keen not to see them descend back towards my waist in ten years’ time.)

Given my new found obsession with all things bra-related, I was as Lettice to a squirrel when I was invited to the Triumph press day last month. I homed in immediately on the Florale by Triumph collection because it seemed to offer that holy grail combination of fit, comfort – no one wants a digging-in wire or strap – and prettiness. (It came as no surprise to discover that Julianne Moore is the face of the Florale Collection.)

Inspired by roses, iris, dahlias and peonies, the collection uses beautiful floral designs in lace and embroidery to sculpt Florale’s signature 4-section wired cup bras, the plastic on the strap adjusters have been replaced by rose gold versions, and, hallelujah, the designers have added smoothing back and underarm edges so nothing digs in (I may have reduced my front, but I still have curvy bits.)

Here I’ve chosen the Peony Florale style in gorgeous stretch lace and tulle. Its delicate all-over lacy, signature 4-section wired cup gives the enhanced support that, frankly, we all need, and Triumph’s clever Ergoline Wire is specially curved to adapt to the body for extra stability and comfort. (There’s also a non-wired bra, a padded spacer cup bra that’s lightweight and breathable pretty body with shaping and tummy control.) I’m also very pleased to note that there are two styles of matching knicker – the Maxi and delicate Tai panty.

Florale by Triumph is available at House of Fraser and John Lewis
or online at


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Congrats on two years, that’s fab and it’s so lovely that your scars are now gone and you’re feeling excited about underwear! I’ve never heard of this brand before but I’ll have to check them out! x

Georgia Megan


Ohhh.. That’s fab! Should check these out!

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