Homesense Mirror Faux Flowers LibertyLondonGirl LLG

As I’ve written before, although my new home is much bigger than the house from which I have moved, the room configurations are completely different. There wasn’t a lot of wall space on which to hang things like mirrors and pictures (three huge mirrors came with the fixtures and fittings), I didn’t have a living room (it had become my home office), and the rooms were much smaller so I didn’t really have anywhere to put things like standalone lamps.

So I’ve been on the lookout for lovely things for this place. However, I’m not looking with intent anywhere – I prefer to just come across pieces that feel right, rather than buying lamps, mirrors and furniture for the sake of it.

Last month I did the most enormous foraging trip at Homesense at Staples Corner – my first mission was to replace a lot of the worn-out bedlinen and towels that I’ve had for ages; I know that Homesense always has household things in stock and I was thrilled to find exactly what I wanted at a fraction of normal retail.

Also on my list was looking for pieces for my garden and, well, things. I didn’t have anything particular in mind, but I know that in the many aisles and across the two floors of the store there are always treasures to be found. After I’d found my duvets and sheets, I headed back downstairs to check out the furniture and homewares section – just in case.

Almost the first thing that I saw was this fantastic huge round mirror. I’d been looking for one for my hallway that was interesting but not too dominating, and I really liked both the shape and the distressed iron of the frame.

Homesense Mirror Faux Flowers LibertyLondonGirl LLG

At £69.99 (RRP. £149.99) this seemed too good to be true. And here it is hung in my hallway.

Homesense Mirror Faux Flowers LibertyLondonGirl LLG
Homesense Mirror Faux Flowers LibertyLondonGirl LLG
 Homesense Lighting Interiors LibertyLondonGirl LLG Lamps Curtains

Next up was lighting: although I had vaguely been thinking about a standard lamp, what I actually ended up buying was this beautiful and very heavy reading lamp for the corner of my living room where I’ve placed a huge armchair for snuggling down and reading. I’m really thrilled as not only is it adjustable, so I can light more of the room with it should I have guests round, but it was £49.99 (RRP. £249) Result.

Homesense Interiors LibertyLondonGirl LLG Lamps Curtains
Homesense Interiors LibertyLondonGirl LLG Lamps Chair Throw Pillow
I’ve also realised that it looks great in my hallway too, so decisions, decisions…
Homesense Mirror Faux Flowers LibertyLondonGirl LLG
You may also have admired the white hydrangeas in these photographs. Well, they were from Homesense too – I recently discovered their huge array of silk flowers and bought pretty silk sweet peas and ranunculus for my bedroom as they which are perfect for someone like me who is always travelling and doesn’t want to come home to vases of wilting blooms and stagnant water. These white hydrangeas are so convincing and, at £6.99 a stem, (two thirds of the price elsewhere) work out as a much better investment in the long run.
 homesense ikat bowl apricots
I also picked out this pretty bowl with its attractive blue ikat pattern inside as I was pushing my trolley through the china aisle. At £2.99 it seemed destined to come home with me.
homesense white portuguese china footed bowl stand
And then I got even more distracted by the aisles of china, and picked out this Portuguese footed fruit bowl (above) for  just £12.99/

Homesense Interiors LibertyLondonGirl LLG Lamps Curtains

The one purchase that I really, really did not expect to make was a pair of curtains. I’m not that fussed by having curtains in my living room, as I’m not overlooked. But I had a friend staying over the weekend who would be sleeping on the sofa and, as I passed through the Homesense curtain aisle – which I didn’t even know existed, I spotted these grey blackout curtains with tabbed tops which would be perfect as a temporary measure so that she wasn’t woken up by the light. (Important as I only have a standard rail in the living room.) And, even better, they were just £29.99. Now that they are hung I’m thinking that they may not just be temporary…


Staples Corner Trail Park, Geron Way
London NW2 6LW
Phone: 020 84520984
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I LOVE what you’ve picked!! I always find such treasures in Homesense!! Love the mirror!
a life of a charlotte


Nice design. I love the first picture with your dackel on the left 😉


That Portuguese bowl looks great! Mediterranean look! I bought one just the same from Greece!


Great picks from Homesense. That big mirror is a definite winner I’m always surprised what I find in Homesense always great for styling little vignettes.

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