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There is something very grown-up feeling about a properly stocked linen cupboard. Neat piles of crisply ironed sheets and duvet covers, carefully folded towels, these things spell order to me in a chaotic world. Although I grew up in a very old house that had plenty of cupboards to fill with sheets, neither my American or my London life for the past ten years or so has involved homes with the space to dedicate an entire cupboard to linen. So you can imagine my joy on moving into my new flat when I discovered a proper old school airing cupboard just waiting to be filled.

Homesense Towels LibertyLondonGirl Mattress Protectors

Except, as I soon discovered, much of my linen and most of my towels weren’t actually fit for use. I don’t have a tumble dryer so my towels get scratchy quickly and that makes them wear out sooner

Much of my linen needed an intervention – sheets were marked, duvet covers were ripped and poppers had been melted by ironing, and then, when I really got down to it, with a spot of housekeeping auditing, I discovered my guest duvets needed replacing – I think I had originally inherited them from my mother after a house move, and the mattress protectors were only fit for the bin after countless washes.

Homesense Staples Corner London LibertyLondonGirl LLG

It’s handy then that, on the very day I was heading out to Homesense at Staples Corner just off the North Circular to do some linen replacing, they got in touch to ask me if I would like to visit their nearest store with some vouchers in hand to do some serious foraging. (Honestly, this really did happen. The same day!)  So I immediately cancelled my planned trip, and booked myself a ZipVan for Saturday morning so that I could fit all that shopping in.

A van, you say? Well, when I last visited Homesense in January in my little old two seater MX5 I spent £100 or so. That went so far that I had to literally strap my purchases onto the boot of the car with bungee cords as well as putting the roof down so that I could fit it all in.

Homesense Staples Corner London LibertyLondonGirl LLG
If you haven’t heard of Homesense, then think TK Maxx Home. That’s because they are sister brands, with the same ‘off-price’ concept offering unique and branded homeware at always up to 60% less than RRP.
Since launching in 2008, there are now have 50 stores in the UK.
You can check if there is one near you at:
Homesense Staples Corner London LibertyLondonGirl LLG Seating Tables
I’ve been a Homesense loyalist for years – when I bought my first flat many of the things that made it lovely (I particularly remember a lovely brown suede cube) came from the one just outside Milton Keynes, near my parents.
And, as you may well have seen on my social media over the past few years since I returned from America, Homesense has always my first port of call when I need to replace kitchen and household items, as well as finding storage solutions and looking for the kind of unexpected homeware treats like lighting, mirrors, silk flowers and glassware that really make a home look lovely.
homesense staples corner london - 06
It’s the choice I love: I rarely fail to find a version of what I am looking for – just look how many white towels they stock…
homesense staples corner london - 06
Although this time, I really wanted grey towels, and bingo – there they were, although if I’d wanted say purple, or red, or beige, that wouldn’t have been a problem too.
homesense staples corner london - 06
What was especially pleasing is that a huge bath-sized super soft grey towel was just £12.99. The last place I had checked was selling them for £30. So I bought four. Obviously.
homesense staples corner london - 06
I was also looking for a blanket to put across the end of my bed. This carousel was full of blankets woven in English mills, and I snagged this super soft and snuggly pure wool one for £40 off its retail price.
homesense staples corner london - 06
I also bought new mattress protectors, a single and a double duvet and four new pillows – all hollow fibre and hypo-allergenic, which is good for guests, new 500-thread count fitted single and double sheets,  and the afore-mentioned lovely grey towels. I was particularly pleased with the pillows – £9.99 for two basic ones, and £16.99 for two really squishy ones.
Homesense LibertyLondonGirl 500 Thread Count Sheets
All the replaced linens and towels at home will be donated to the charities which ask for such things:  to Dogs Trust, and to the homeless hostel in Kentish Town, both of which can always use clean towels and linen.
Homesense Staples Corner London LibertyLondonGirl LLG
 In the end I filled three trolleys – the joy! I’ll show you the rest of my purchases in two following posts but, believe me, I have all the bargains for my new home. I’m also pleased that I didn’t buy anything extraneous – everything I found was on my list.
And here is my bed, beautiful and serene with my new linen and blanket.

And, of course, my joyously organised linen cupboard with the towels and sheets I bought from Homesense.

Homesense Towels LibertyLondonGirl Mattress Protectors


Staples Corner Trail Park, Geron Way

London NW2 6LW

Phone: 020 84520984

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The way you organize your cupboard is so satisfying <3
Thanks for sharing .
Have a lovely weekedends!


Best finds ever – My Ralph Lauren sheet sets! We love a bit of HS. Also love the state of your bedroom….


Oh my. I love the sound of this place. Am a total sucker for lovely linens.

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