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It’s fair to say that we are St Germain drinkers in the LLG household. I first discovered the delicate French elderflower liqueur when I lived in Manhattan, where bartenders loved to add it to the craft cocktails which were are thing to drink in the modern speakeasies and bars of the East Village where I lived in my first year in the city.

It’s not for nothing that it’s known as the salt and pepper of the bartender profession: it adds depth and a floral note, akin to grapefruit, pear and tropical fruit, to all sorts of cocktails, although I will always love it best served as the signature “St-Germain Cocktail” – made with St-Germain, sparkling wine (or Prosecco or Champagne), sparkling water and a lemon peel twist. It’s the ultimate, refreshing, slightly decadent and indulgent summer drink.

St Germain Lunch Native Dog Friendly

Drinking St Germain, with Lettice, at lunch last week

Two weeks ago I attended the most delicious lunch hosted by St Germain’s global brand ambassador, Camille Ralph Vidal in honour of St Germain at Native in Covent Garden’s Neal’s Yard, where the emphasis is always on local, seasonal food and foraged ingredients, a philosophy that fits in beautifully with St Germain and its natural ingredient – which is, of course, the elderflower, which grows in profusion for such a very short season on hedgerows all through the English and French countryside.

I was astonished to learn that each art nouveau-inspired bottle of St Germain liqueur contains 1000 hand-picked elderflowers, the harvest of which takes place over just a few weeks in late spring in Europe.

The ephemeral, delicate, beautiful nature of the elderflower is also being celebrated this week with a gloriously decadent event here in London: the MAISON ST~GERMAIN in collaboration with June in March’s floral designer, Emily Baylis. I met Emily at the St Germain lunch and was enraptured by her delicate, romantic use of seasonal, local flowers and foliage to create a whimsical bower in the heart of London, and I am expecting more of the same at the Maison.

St germain cocktails

MAISON ST~GERMAIN will welcome guests through its doors at 2 Soho Square, London from Thursday 27th July – Saturday 29th July. 

Guests will be able to begin the MAISON ST~GERMAIN experience by visiting the resident florist, following which they’ll be led through a floral corridor to the pièce principale, a stunning ST~GERMAIN green room made of fresh blossom. The pièce principale will feature the Maison’s bar, where guests will be able to enjoy the ST~GERMAIN Cocktail while listening to a live band filling the room with jazz manouche.

The immersive experience will then lead guests up a floral staircase to the ST~GERMAIN speakeasy. Here, guests will be able to sample an exclusive collection of ST~GERMAIN Cocktails, crafted by Global Brand Ambassador, Camille Ralph Vidal. They’ll also be able to learn how to make their favourite cocktail.

Those looking to get more involved will be able to take part in a bespoke series of workshops happening daily.

Honestly – flowers, jazz, Camille, elderflowers and St Germain – why wouldn’t you be there?

For more information, visit

MAISON ST~GERMAIN takes up residence at 2 Soho Square, London, W1D 3PX from Thursday 27th July – Saturday 29th July

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By far, one of my favorite bottle designs….even empbty 😉


Did not know that was one of Letty’s favorite tipples


Lettice has very cosmopolitan and refined tastes, I’ll have you know

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