Sonic Chic Urban Portable Toothbrushes
Sonic Chic Urban Portable Toothbrushes

I’ve just made two overnight work trips in seven days with little time to prep and pack for each. These are the beauty products that made my life so much easier.

Ever since my dentist told me I needed to use an electric toothbrush every day I’ve religiously carted mine around the world. But the rechargeable ones aren’t the most lightweight travel option for overnight trips, so I’m a recent convert to this mini battery-powered toothbrush which is surprisingly effective, and a much better option than the fixed head battery-powered ones you can buy in the chemist which don’t do much more than vibrate ineffectually. (This one has interchangeable heads so you can keep on using it.) It’s also small enough to fit into the smaller handbags that I prefer to carry these days.

Approximately £19.99 (comes with an extra head & an AAA battery). Available on Amazon here, and at Boots here.

chanel le jour le nuit le weekend

 Le Jour de CHANEL  La Nuit de CHANEL Le Weekend de CHANEL

 These three products from CHANEL – Le Jour de CHANEL, La Nuit de CHANEL and Le Weekend de CHANEL were first released in 2013, and are designed to work together. Although the research that CHANEL provides suggests using the products for a cumulative effect, I find them brilliant for trips away when my skin needs some extra love as the bottles are slim rnough to slip in a washbag, and the pump action is hygienic – no fingers in pots needed here.

Le Jour is a serum, Le Nuit a nightcream, and Le Weekend a power-packed moisturiser, which you are supposed to apply one or two days a week, morning and evening, instead of your usual moisturiser. So if I’m travelling for a one or two day trip then these three are perfect (you can take them in a carry on on the plane as each are 50ml, but you’d need to have some seriously small bottles for the rest of your products).

Le Jour contains calming Grasse jasmine extract, and microdosed salicylic acid to gently exfoliate skin to give a lovely smooth feeling to the skin before applying makeup, Le Nuit has Frankincense extract to sooth skin, and time-released hyaluronic acid to give that plumped up feel, suppleness, and baby-skin glow, and Le Weekend’s gentle Glycolic Acid Complex and calming Rose Water work together to exfoliate and hydrate, hopefully boosting the skin’s luminosity.

Super sensitive skin should steer clear of glycolic acid, but I find that my rosacea doesn’t flare at all with this, and after two days my skin always feels like it’s had a good drink. The trio can be bought separately for between £60 and £72 each.  Not Cheap, but if this is in your price range than it’s a good buy.

Trish McEvoy planner
Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner®

I wrote about the brilliant Trish McEvoy Makeup Planner®: Power of Makeup Planner Collection last month, and I continue to lob it in my overnight bag on trips. It was first designed by Trish as an antidote to packing a zillion products when away from home, and I love the convenience of it. I’ve so far resisted the temptation to remove all my hero products from the Planner to use every day so that it is complete and ready to go when I am packing in ten minutes like a loon.

I took it to both Edinburgh and Paris in the past seven days and I loved that I could just open it up and have everything that I needed for both day and evening looks. It even has a little roll on bottle of scent. I cannot recommend this more highly. (This is the small size planner, and I really think it works best if you leave all the products in it and just have it primed and ready to go.)

Sadly the pre-filled planner has sold out everywhere, but Liberty sell the planner case (£35) here and stock the range on-line. I particularly recommend these products:
Sexy 9 Blackberry and Vanilla Musk Pocketable Fragrance (I don’t much like vanilla or musk, but I love this!)
Face Color Duo in Natural Weekend
Lip Perfector Conditioning Balm: Moisturising line filler and self-adjusting pink tint
The Petite Makeup Wardrobing® Page (the hole punched insert)
Instant Eye Lift®: The “Triangle of Light®” treatment under-eye brightener and line filler (this is FANTASTIC!)
Eye Base Essentials Bare: Upper-eye brightener and shadow primer. (Stops eye shadow sliding off during the day.)
Intense Gel Eye Liner Charcoal: Waterproof gel liner in pencil form ( an excellent super soft and glide-y pencil)
Lash Curling Mascara: The #TotallyTubular smear-proofer that removes with warm water

(More detailed product pics are all on this LLG post.)



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