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The day before I moved house I left the chaos behind me to head to The Ritz London for an hour or so of tranquility and to pretend that everything in my life was this ordered. I had been invited by Made.com to attend a bedmaking lesson from The Ritz’s team of ninja housekeepers, to celebrate made.com’s range of bedlinen (No, they don’t just make furniture.)

Whilst I’m not so bad at a hospital corner, as a legacy of going to boarding school when I was thirteen, I doubt that I’ve done one since I left, and neither do I have the knack of making a bed look hotel neat. (In case you were wondering, this is a hospital corner:

hospital corner bedmaking Ritz housekeeping perfect bed

I was also interested to learn what The Ritz uses and how they maintain the quality of their award-winning beds: The Ritz has 136 guest rooms and suites in total, furnished in the Louis XVI style, and each Ritz room attendant cleans and services between nine and ten rooms daily. It takes approximately 15 minutes to make a traditional Ritz bed perfectly, and one hour on average to clean a guest room.

So over toThe Ritz London’s passionate Executive Housekeeper Adriana Mile, who has shared some of her tips for creating a Ritz experience at home:

A mattress has an eight to ten year life span, and at The Ritz we change the mattresses approximately every six to seven years.

To maintain a mattress, you should turn and rotate the mattress every three months, to ensure even dips.

At The Ritz, we label the date that the mattress was turned so that we can easily remember.

Our mattresses are supplied by Sleepeezee™, who hold a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales. The Ritz also holds a Royal Warrant from HRH The Prince of Wales.

Your mattress should be firm to give a good support to your back and body.

I recommend using a mattress topper, made of feather and down to ensure a good night’s sleep. A mattress topper is like a giant pillow for your body.

Bed sheets should have a high thread count to give them a more luxury feel. The higher the thread count, the longer the sheets will last longer and they will also get better in feel, the more they are washed. At The Ritz, we use cotton sheets with a 440 thread count.

I also recommend using a wool or cashmere top blanket.

Pillows should be medium firm. If you hold a pillow over your forearm and it flops down on both sides it needs replacing.

I recommend misting the sheets, both in the morning and in the evening. At The Ritz, we use a housemade spray made with essential oils and distilled water. In the morning we use a citrus mist, which is very fresh and therefore has energising and revitalising qualities and in the evening on turndown, we use a lavender spray, which has a calming effect and therefore enhances sleep.

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For optimum sleep, I advise leaving a window slightly open and taking a glass or bottle of water to bed as best sleep is achieved in a cool, quiet, dark and comfortable environment. I think it is essential to switch-off, and leave all mobile phones and electronics outside the bedroom so as to limit the amount of sensory stimulation in the bedroom.

With thanks to The Ritz London and Made.Com

The view over Hyde Park from The Green Park Suite at The Ritz London

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I love this post and so will my Mum! It won’t make any odds of course, will continue to live in utter chaos, but I still like to see how it can be done. Fx


That’s a great post. I use these techniques everyday in my job. They work not only for cleanliness but for better sleep too.

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