Sasha & furry friend waiting for a train at London St.Pancras.

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So: Lintenair.

I have to admit that not all was as it seemed…yes, Lintenair does indeed provide queue-feee boarding, city centre terminals, no baggage weight limit, mobile tickets, and live travel updates from its app. (And, very importantly for me and my Dachshunds, pet-friendly travel), but it’s not actually an airline.

That’s because Lintenair is an anagram.

Have you worked it out yet?

It’s Trainline.

If you think about it, it makes sense…travelling by train does indeed give you all those benefits that are sadly absent from today’s aeroplane travel and, in addition, those city centre departures means that a train journey frequently works out to be the same time – and often less – than a seemingly short ‘plane trip.

You may remember that I wrote at length about my love of train travel last year. Trainline didn’t need to sponsor me to be an advocate for train travel – I’ve always chosen to take the train over a plane, whether to Europe – I even used to take the train all the way to Cannes for the Film Festival, or here in the United Kingdom. I can’t see why anyone would choose to fly over taking an inter-city from London Euston to Manchester or Newcastle for a meeting, when you can work on the train, use the wi-fi, and avoid travelling all the way to an airport to stand in those endless lines.

I also love the live updates, so I always know where I am and what is happening around me both before I get on the train, and whilst I am travelling – we’ve all been stuck in airports and on the apron in a boiling hot ‘plane not knowing what the hell is happening. That rarely happens with a train journey.

I think most of all I love that I don’t have to spend an hour or more travelling to the airport and hours more walking seemingly endless miles through security, customs and the gates, time that can instead be spent napping, reading, snacking or just gazing out the window as the world flashes by. Or maybe I love most that my dog can snooze on my lap instead of being consigned to a hold cage. (Perish the thought.)

This weekend I’m off to Edinburgh, with my tickets safe and sound in the cloud on the Trainline app (no chance of dropping or losing them), with a journey to London Kings Cross of approximately ten minutes from my flat to station. What’s not to like?

You can find out more at

Meanwhile, here’s the lovely Eleanor telling us just why Lintenair – Trainline – works for her – and us.

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