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Above: Sliced Gala apple, lemon thyme, honey, garlic and herb Boursin on a Scottish oatcake

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One of the absolute joys of living alone is being able to please myself where both my food and my viewing choices are concerned. There are no tussles over the takeaway menu, the online grocery order or the television remote in my household. That’s excellent, because the last thing I want after a hard day at the digital coalface is have someone tell me what to do.

My idea of the perfect evening always involves food, preferably something indulgent and delicious, and if it’s quick to knock up then even better. So I am sure you can imagine how happy I was when Boursin sent me a hamper of ingredients to celebrate their new partnership with Film4 (launching this week) making it the now proud sponsor of the Film4 9pm film slot.

Boursin hamper food - 1

Not only did the hamper contain ample supplies of delicious Boursin, but plenty of seasonings and condiments with which to experiment.

Boursin hamper food - 1

Although, frankly, I’d be happy eating that scrumptious creamy, garlic-y, herby fresh Boursin with a teaspoon straight from the wrapper, I resisted, and instead came up with three ways to make watching a good movie even more indulgent.

boursin cheese canapes - 1

Avocado always tastes good against something creamy, so my first suggestion is simply sliced avocado and cracked black pepper, served on water biscuits, to cut against the richness.

boursin cheese avocado black pepper canapes - 4

boursin cheese canapes - 6

It wouldn’t be a Boursin evening without du pain to go with my Boursin, so I toasted some baguette rounds for my next idea:  heaped finely sliced sun-dried tomatoes with a little tarragon. The fresh aniseed notes of the tarragon work particularly well  with the garlic in the cheese.

boursin cheese canapes - 5

I’ve always loved apples with cheese, so I thought a sliced Gala apple would be a perfect balance against the garlic and herbs. I finished it off with a squeeze of runny honey, some lemon thyme and served it all on a Scottish oatcake. (An homage to my best friend Miss P who loves an oatcake.)

boursin cheese canapes - 3

Then it was time for the du vin section of the evening and I’m not sorry to say that I polished off the lot in front of the television. Heaven.

Boursin is the official sponsor of Film4 (9pm Film)

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Looks so delicious! Especially the sun dried tomatoes and tarragon. In our family we have a favourite potato gratin which always earns compliments and it’s dead simple; heating and stirring together 2 cups cream with the garlic-herbs-flavored Boursin in a saucepan, pouring this over thinly sliced potatoes and baking for an hour. Adorn it with a bright sprig of fresh parsley and it’s one of the most luscious side dishes you could imagine. Thank you for these ideas.


@Michele: Michelle, your recipe sounds lovely. What is the proportions of cream vs boursin you use?

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