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There are some product we all have in our make up bags that are just perfect for us: the desert island item that perks up our face and lets us believe in a best possible version of ourselves.

For me it’s pretty much always a toss up between foundation and lipstick – my rosacea means I always have flushed cheeks that I like to even out, but conversely I have little or no natural colour in my lips. (I always envy those Georgette Heyer literary heroines who have lips like cherries etc etc)

For parties I like to wear something orange-y  or dark coral, MAC’s Morange or Vegas Volt, for choice, but for everyday there is no choice. It’s the lipstick I am asked about constantly on Instagram, because I have worn it consistently in every single photo you will have seen of me in the past year or so.

What is this wonder colour I hear you asking? I’d love to say that it was a cheapo drugstore find, but alas! it’s by CHANEL.

Sasha Wilkins St Moritz (1)

It’s Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 53 Mysterieuse. It has the perfect creamy consistency – I always have dry lips, and prefer to use lipstick instead of lip balm, and the Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks are a perfect smooth matte without being dry or uncomfortable to wear, thanks to the use of silicone and jojoba oil.

And now, for the sad news – this particular colour was a limited edition. I don’t like to write about things that are out of stock because – not helpful, but so many people asked me about this that I thought I should at least give you all the gen. In happier news, CHANEL do still make Rouge Allure Velvet lipsticks, which I can’t recommend highly enough for their texture and highly concentrated pigment. The nearest to Mysterieuse is no 51, Boulversante, which is available at John Lewis here. (I also really like 43 La Favorite.)

And I shall continue stalking the interwebs for any last tubes of Mysterieuse.


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