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(Princess Lettice, in the Sausage Dog Hotel transport, treading on poor Maisie’s head in her excitement at seeing us after her mini-break at the Hotel.)

Imagine my excitement when I heard that the Sausage Dog Hotel was launching a 2017 wall calendar, featuring a Dachshund for every day – and including Lettice! There are 2 different cover designs to choose from, and a portion of the profits from the sale of this calendar will be donated to Dachshund charities, both in the UK and USA,

sausage dog hotel 2017 wall calendar

The Sausage Dog Hotel Calendar is available here – and can be posted worldwide. (There’s just about enough time for Christmas deliveries too.)

Lettice miniature dachshund sausage dog hotel calendar 00001
Here are Lettice (and Bella) who are Miss Octobers in the calendar!

 Sausage dog lovers, like so many animal people, are a very particular breed. We are, it’s fair to say, extremely tribal, obsessed by our dogs, and overly friendly to all other Dachshund owners. And, of course, we believe that our dogs are without compare in the animal world, with special needs that must be looked after without hesitation.

So inevitably we believe that sausages require a boarding service tailored to those special needs. There must be no stairs to strain their long backs, no cages – sausages require constant love and affection and, preferably a lap rather than a floor to sit on and, most importantly, generous open space for gambolling that is securer than a Category A prison, as a sausage can escape through the tiniest space through a combination of wriggling and digging.

So hurrah for the Phil Curtis and his Sausage Dog Hotel, where both Lettice and Maisie mini-break when both my sister and I travel together.

Located on the borders of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, with lots of lovely sausage-friendly countryside and woodland right on their doorstep, it’s a home from home for sausages, who eat and sleep in in Phil’s house – he never boards more than twenty or so at a time and, although Lettice and Maisie have yet to stay longer than a week, they also cater for long term stays. (Several of the Team GB Rio athletes boarded their precious sausages with Phil during the Olympics this summer.)

All dogs that stay with Phil are treated as members of the family, just like Phil’s own Stanley and Ollie, and are never left alone at any time. They have at least one long walk every day, and his very large, fully enclosed garden even has a doggie pool for when the weather is nice).

I also love that Phil provides regular updates via all his social media channels – Twitter, FB, and Instagram
sausage dog hotel dachshunds wire haired miniature
Phil is also happy to travel, and provides a pick up & drop off service for those sausages that live further afield. He’s dropped Lettice off at my house before and, coincidentally, I was once stuck in a traffic jam behind his estate car and I later discovered that he was doing a pick up run on the way back from the airport from his holidays.

Sausage Dog Hotel dachshunds

And, speaking of airports, he is very close to Luton airport, so when Holly and I landed from Mykonos in the summer he met us at Luton Parkway to return Lettice and Maisie to us. As you can see from the photos, the sausages are securely and safely transported in a pet cage in the back of his estate car.

If you are a Dachshund owner, then it’s also worth pointing out that the Sausage Dog Hotel organises regular sausage meet-ups on weekends all over North London and Hertfordshire, when Phil brings his current inmates for a walk, and other sausages can join for a romp. (We’ve met them at both Kenwood and Regent’s Park before.) Details of the walks are posted on the SDH Facebook page.

sausage dog hotel 2017 wall calendar
Here’s Lettice, on the train home from Luton, happily exhausted after all her sausage-y romps at the Sausage Dog Hotel.

minature dachshunds train jounrey 00001


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Just wish he was closer to us. Have having to leave Maurice when we are away!


What a lovely idea, they’re all such cute dogs!


Thank you Liberty London Girl you are the best! It means so much to Phil and I that you notice and care so much about all that you see around you. Hope you and Lettice have a great Christmas and thank you for all your support! Xxx


My two girls are pinups Sybil & Lulu 17th & 18th of July, & my beautiful Sybil on her own on the 24th of July. They stayed with Phil for two weeks in July, Phil ran us to the airport and picked us up along with our girlies. The Calender is just wonderful, if you need a Sausage fix there’s one for every day of the year.


Ohhh! Look at them! What little poppets LLG xx

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