white company grey towels dressing gown(Yes, this is my bathroom.)

I’ve just bought my second grey towelling dressing gown from The White Company, a replacement for the one in this photo, and together they have been one of the most sensible household decisions that I’ve made in ages.

Please tell me I am not the only one who manages, however throughly I clean my face morning and night, to still get smears of lipstick, or traces of panda makeup on my formerly pristine white towels? And let’s not even start with fake tan marks. Whilst I’m up on all the tricks for stain removal – soak in Napisan, not bleach, which gives a yellow cast, and always add a colour catcher sheet to your white wash, eventually white towelling has to replaced long before its sell by date.

It doesn’t help that my London apartment has no room for a tumble dryer so it’s impossible for me to get that lovely hotel fluffiness. (I never thought I’d miss the New York fluff’n’fold laundrettes, but there’s a lot to be said for someone else washing your household linens.)

So I have introduced a radical, for me, solution – I’ve temporarily stored all my beautiful white towels in my underbed drawers for guest use only, and switched to lovely grey towelling from The White Company instead. (Who knew that The White Company sold grey towels too?)

When I first wrote this post a few years ago I invested in an entire set of matching Egyptian cotton towels from The White Company. I found mine at their Bicester Village outlet (although they are available in store too) and am thrilled. (They’ve also started stocking slate grey hydrocotton towels, which are both super absorbent and very lightweight.)

I think I had always thought a bathroom needed white towels to look stylish but, as you can see from the photo taken in my bathroom above, I think the grey looks fantastic.

They are also equally good for grabbing to wipe muddy paws when you forget to bring a dog towel into the bathroom – no risk of permanently staining lovely white towels with whatever your pride and joy has picked up in the park. Oh and I recommend adding anti bacterial laundry liquid to the wash if they do go near the hound.

My dressing gown is The White Company’s Unisex Hydrocotton Robe in Slate, which is super long – who wants cold ankles? and has a hood too for proper midwinter snuggling. I was so pleased, as it doesn’t just wash like a dream, it stays much fluffier than it should considering I have to dry it on a radiator. (Ah the glamour of London apartment living.)


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This is a neat idea for face towels! Can’t believe I haven’t thought of it. And gotta love the White Company! I’ll def follow your lead Sasha.

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