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LoveMyDog’s Daplyn Grey Harris Tweed Dog Carrier
(shot on the front seat of the Bentley Bentayga at Daylesford this summer.)

Whilst we love a good warm coat on Lettice and Maisie, I would like to make it clear that Lettice, Billy and Maisie will never, ever be seen dressed up on canine facsimiles of human clothing. They’re dogs, not babies or small children. Tutus, sequins, slogan T shirts, or god forbid, bloody booties, or anything that doesn’t actually serve the purpose of keeping a dog warm and dry should have no place on our proud pets.

That being said, it turns out that Britain’s owners of our collective 8.5 million dogs spend an estimated £10.6 billion on their pets every year, according to a recent study by American Express, with the average owner spending £1,252 annually on their four-legged friend. Blimey.

miniature dachshunds

I have to say that Lettice, in particular, does very well out of me and the PRs who also read my blog, and she does get sent some lovely things to wear. We are stopped constantly on the Heath and in the Park and asked about her accoutrements, so I thought it time to share.

First up is that gloriously lovely dog carrier at top – no, it’s not cheap AT ALL (£185), but it is made from Harris Tweed, and lined with foam, and  then sheepskin, so it’s very comfy and soft for travelling. This means I also don’t have to carry a separate dog bed when we go away. Lettice loves it, often hopping in for a snooze when we are at home and, being quite deep, it’s perfect for smuggling her into places that she’ s not *exactly* supposed to be. The straps are saddle leather, and, so far, it shows no signs of wear. I fully expect this to last forever.

(In the interests of disclosure, Lettice and Maisie are two of the faces of the new LoveMyDog campaign, which we did unpaid because we loved their carrier so much.)

Lovemydog quilted waterproof dog coat 2
Here is Lettice – above – in Regent’s Park, taking a break from squirrel hunting, and wearing her new shower resistant LoveMyDog Elwin Olive Dog Coat in green. (Also comes in orange.)

hiro wolf dashing tweeds

We also LOVE Hiro & Wolf, who make really lovely dog collars and leads – prices start from £30 for a small dog collar. All their products are all designed and sampled in their East London studio under the watchful eyes of the eponymous in-house hounds, and all Hiro + Wolf leads and collars are  trimmed with luxury vegetable tan leathers and fitted with high quality pet-specific hardware by hand, in an all-female enterprise in Staffordshire.

Here Lettice is wearing her new winter look – a collaboration between Hiro & Wolf and Dashing Tweeds, the Reflective Yellow Raver Dog Collar and lead, which very cleverly have reflective threads sewn in so that they show up in car headlights, or when a torch is shone on them.

clarity dog shampoo

Clarity Dog Shampoo £3.50

I can’t recommend this highly enough – produced by an ethical company with a workforce of 80% visually impaired or disabled people, the shampoo is gentle and leaves Lettice’s fur all soft and shiny.

cornishware personalised dog bowl

This would make a glorious Christmas present – Cornishware Personalised Dog Bowl in blue for £25.00.

Next dog coat waterproof miniature dachshund

My sister has discovered that Next make great lovely dog coats: Maisie – above  – is wearing the Shower Resistant Parka Dog Coat, between £12 and £18 depending on size (although I’m not *quite* sure about the hood). Lettice’s natty sweater was found on Ebay.

Next tweed dog dachshund coat

This lovely tweed number on Maisie, above, is from Woodlands Dogs Coats, who also make excellent Whippet coats.

lords and labradors dog bed etsy

The very nice people at Etsy sent Lettice an early Christmas present – above – from  LordsandLabradors. This is the Cosy Top Soft Dog Bed in pink and herringbone, and Lettice loves it.


dog postcards

Dog Postcards illustrated by Polly Horner £7.49

dog bingo

Dog Bingo
illustrated by Polly Horner £16.97

dogs cards

Dogs Best in Show: A Trump Card Game
again, illustrated by Polly Horner £8.95

sausage dog hotel 2017 wall calendar

Sausage Dog Hotel 2017 Wall Calendar £12.99

From Lettice’s second home, the Sausage Dog calendar features a sausage a day, and even Lettice makes an appearance!
sausage dog hotel 2017 wall calendar

india knight goodness of dogsThe Goodness of Dogs: The Human’s Guide to Choosing, Buying, Training, Feeding, Living With and Caring for your Dog by India Knight £10.49.

This book is an absolute must buy for any actual or prospective dog owner. Wise, clever, funny, there is something for all dog people in here, however much one thinks one knows…I certainly had a bit of a re-think about some of the things we do with Lettice and have adjusted my behaviour accordingly.

india knight goodness of dogs text

daphnes lulu guinness dog bowl

Daphne’s x Lulu Guinness dog bowl

In collaboration with Daphne’s restaurant in Chelsea, the limited edition ‘Daphne’s Dog Bowl’ features a cameo of Lulu’s own pup Daphne on a backdrop of the teal hues of the restaurant. Each dog bowl is hand-painted and hand-fired and is characterised by the famous Lulu Guinness lips on the bottom of the bowl.

joes dog treats
Beautiful Joe’s Natural Liver Dog Treats

Lettice isn’t particularly food-orientated so she doesn’t respond to treats, but happily she adores Joe’s dried liver treats, and has been known to drag my handbag across the floor looking for them. They aalso give one bag to a dogs home for everyone that you purchase. You can buy 1 tin & 5 bags from Bleak House

Susannah Lovis 18ct gold dachshund brooch


And, if money is no object, how about the Susannah Lovis 18ct gold Dachshund brooch set with diamonds and a ruby for a mere £4,200.00?

Sasha is wearing: M&S Autograph Double Breasted Coat in Camel  and the M&S Collection Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress.

 Lettice wears: & Wolf x Dashing Tweeds collar and lead.

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Love the look of that Hiro & Wolf dog collar and lead. We already have a collar and lead set from them. Wonder if the reflective thread is excuse enough for me to get another . Love Lettice’s E-Bay sweater too. Sadly (or luckily) I refuse to move whilst wearing any item of clothing!

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