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Above: Spiced Gin Apple Warmer

This post was written in association with Bombay Sapphire.
Please drink responsibly

In my kitchen is a beautiful 1950s rosewood and walnut cocktail cabinet. It has black lacquer legs and a mirrored interior which used to house a collection of eclectic bottles of all shapes and sizes, glowing with colours of an almost alien intensity, and collected from my voyages around the world. But things have changed: these days I’ve become wise to the fact that most of those drinks don’t travel well from their point of origin, and they’ve slowly been replaced by my collection of gin bottles.

That love of gin (and especially a gin-based cocktail) is a relatively recent thing. I was not a gin loyalist growing up – originally that dry, herbal kick did nothing for me; I preferred drinks that were easy on the palate, sweet with gomme syrup and rich with fruit purees. But after a few years my teeth began to protest and the refreshing, almost medicinal juniper taste of gin began to appeal.

Of course the classic gin and its accompanying tonic was my go-to – it didn’t really occur to me to drink gin in any other way but then, as my palate developed, I grew to love a Negroni, a Tom Collins and, especially, a Gimlet with its lovely sharp lime notes.

But these drinks, excellent as they are, are for the traditionalists; there are so many other ways in which to drink gin. As part of their campaign to suggest that gin lovers such as myself break away from the cocktail norm and embrace new traditions this festive season, Bombay Sapphire are redefining festive mixology and have released a festive cocktail recipe collection, from which this delicious spiced apple drink is taken.

Spiced Apple Warmer Recipe

120ml Bombay Sapphire
300ml hot apple juice
Cinnamon stick
Star anise


Heat the apple juice in a pan
Add the measure of Bombay Sapphire
When it reaches a simmer, remove from the heat
Pour into a mug or heatproof glass with handle
Stir with a cinnamon stick
And finish by floating a single star anise on top

As a brand that’s never been afraid pushing boundaries, they’ve also commissioned the Bombay Sapphire New Traditions Christmas Collection: Five artists and designers were commissioned to reimagine some Christmas classics from the party popper to the Christmas jumper, and I went along last week to check out the collection in person – and drink a few of the new cocktails.

dblg brooke roberts christmas jumpers bombay sapphire
DBLG and Brooke Roberts – C
hristmas Jumpers

 Bombay Sapphire brought together the perfect union of DBLG and Brooke Roberts and created these innovative jumpers that reveal a full festive scene, but only when side by side. The geometric facets and shimmering embellishment were inspired by the unique Bombay Sapphire bottle.

studio boo crystal cracker bombay sapphire

Studio Boo – the Crystal Cracker

The Crystal Cracker has been created with renowned workshop Studio Boo. Glass blown, the exquisite cracker contains a 3D printed sprig from a juniper tree. The sprig holds three delicate glass capsules – each filled with a scented oil found in Bombay Sapphire’s Winter Pine Twist cocktail.

The scents, Pine, Cranberry and Lime, can be poured out into a glass, and following the rolled up recipe inside, can be used to create the cocktail.

richard clarkson bauble terrarium bombay sapphire

Richard Clarkson – Bauble Terrarium

Collaborating with Richard Clarkson’s Studio, the Bauble Terrarium is a set of Christmas baubles that each house a juniper spring, the berries of which are a key ingredient in Bombay Sapphire. Planted in a mix of soil and recycled glass from Bombay Sapphire Bottles, the juniper tree can be removed from the bauble after the festive season and planted in your garden, and the baubles can be refilled with your own imaginative creations.

stephen hendee free form candle bombay sapphire
Stephen Hendee – Free Form Candle

Stephen Hendee lights up Christmas by reimaging the traditional candle with his free form candle. A pioneer in the low-poly aesthetic, he has used black polished Perspex to define the lines of the piece and blue LED lights and gels, inspired by the Bombay Sapphire Bottle, to create dramatic shapes and shimmers.

bompas and parr chandelier party popper bombay sapphire

Bompas and Parr – Chandelier Party Popper

Created in collaboration with renowned culinary creators Bompas and Parr, the Chandelier Party Popper fires scented confetti inspired by Bombay Sapphire’s flavour notes into the air, namely lemon and juniper. A sure fire way to ensure any New Year’s Eve party will be spectacular!|
This post was written in association with Bombay Sapphire. Please drink responsibly

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