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We may be living in the 21st century where it seems that no topic is off limits for public consumption, but discussion of the exploration of personal sexuality is still one that usually happens privately. But, and I think rightly so, there are several women who have proactively decided to bring that conversation out into the public domain, some through debate, and others through commerce. (There’s a great piece on WIRED about the women taking back the porn industry and moving sextech from boardrooms to bedrooms here.)

Entrepreneur Rea Deacon is one of the latter. As the founder and CEO of Perlesque, she is the owner of a  brand that allows women and men to explore their sexual self with beautiful, functional and effective personal pleasure products, and I am thrilled that she is the latest woman to contribute her Day in the Life to LLG.

You can read more Days in the Life here. Meanwhile, over to you Rea:

Rea Deacon Perlesque toys
I wake up, and make a coffee to have in bed whilst I spend half an hour reading the news, catching up on social media (I will admit a bit of a guilty pleasure) and reviewing our own Perlesque social channels, before corresponding with any other time zone emails that need my attention.

6:30am Shower time before the children wake up: I love a coffee scrub to wake myself up! If I am working from home it will be gym clothes and a pony tail; if I have meetings I will make an effort to pull together an outfit.

7am The kids need to be woken up and forced to shower and dress for school whilst I make breakfast, which usually consists of brioche, Nutella, fruit, yoghurt and OJ – coffee for me.

7:45am The school run – we usually listen to some music, my children love house music and chat about the day ahead and plan dinner.

8:15am Back home to start the day – the first thing I will do is prepare the shipping that needs to go out – I love including a handwritten note with every Perlesque toy to each of my customers. I know that at some point I will have to relinquish this but for now I think it brings something special to the parcel and sets us apart. We want to create a brand which people want to connect with, a community which evokes confidence around our sexuality.

packaging Perlesque
9:30am Coffee with emails – At this point I will sit down and answer/send emails. This might include looking after wholesale orders, communicating with influencers and agencies, doing admin for the company, stock inventory, social media, chasing shipments or answering queries from customers. Today it is sending out a whole host of responses to wholesale queries for international customers.

11am Currently we are looking at launching the Perlesque phase 2 collection. This is a lengthy and time consuming process and can take up to 18 months. Today I am looking at the design of a number of particular products and looking at getting them made up into dummy toy samples. I love this stage of design where all the decisions have been made and we then we get to see them in real life. I make phone calls to our suppliers and tell them exactly what I want changing and ask for dummy samples to be made up in our chic grey colours.

Rea Deacon Perlesque gym

12pm I hit the gym when I am working from home and if everything is under control.  As a hobby I am a weightlifter mainly training the Olympic lifts, so I try to get to the gym around 5 times a week.  I train for around an hour and half always finishing on some heavy squats, and then head back to the kitchen office for some protein and water.

Rea Deacon Perlesque office

Then it’s time to tackle my emails again: At the moment we are preparing for Sexhibition in Manchester where we are having a retail presence, so I am chasing up the bags that we have had made and the displays I need for the stand to make sure that they are here on time.

Rea Deacon Perlesque

3:30pm Time for a green tea and chocolate boost. I will usually potter about a little at this stage – tidy up, put some washing on, general house bits, as well as a catch up with my Perlesque business partner and sister-in-law via phone to discuss progress and tie up any loose ends. It makes such a difference working with someone who you are close to; we share everything so makes life so much easier.

Rea Deacon Perlesque

There is nothing better than time with my kids.   It’s definitely my ‘me time’

4pm School run – time to get the kids. Tonight they have gymnastics after school, so I take my laptop with me and watch them whilst working on blog posts for the site. At Perlesque we want to not just inspire but educate our customers, so it’s important to keep the blogs current and relevant. Although they require lots of research and proper thought, writing them has become one of my favourite parts of the job.

6:30pm Home for dinner. Tonight as we are in late I make a quick bowl of pasta and chorizo, mozzarella and tomatoes. The kids have pudding and do their homework at the table with encouragement from me and then music practice: my daughter plays the piano, my son the violin.

7:30/8pm My daughter goes to bed and I listen to her read before she watches something to relax, then the same with my son.

8:30pm I run a bath with Epsom salts for my sore muscles and enjoy a 20min soak with a glass of Malbec.

9pm Sofa and laptop where I catch up on the afternoon’s mails, look at the day’s analytics for the site and prepare for the next day.

A Little Life Hanya Yanagihara10:30pm Bed with my book. I’m currently reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

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Wow, I had never heard of her company but thank you for such an interesting introduction. I’ve been reading The Last Time I had Sex series on the Pool and thinking how groundbreaking (go figure!) that has seemed in taking such a fundamental part of our lives and talking about it. Bravo!


It sounds nice! I love this one day diary story!


Thank you for introducing this brand to me! Obviously my mind’s in the gutter, but how does one run a sex toy business from home with kids?


@Tracy: with discretion and a little honesty – and lots of tidying away before the school run!

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