tan luxe holiday drops gradual tanner
Tan-Luxe: The Face Illuminating Tan Drops Light/Medium
Tan-Luxe: The Gradual Tan Lotion

Promoted as a tailored approach to self-tanning, Tan-Luxe have all sorts of interesting products which look at self tanning in a more modern manner. First up are their Tan Drops, which you add to an existing skincare regime by mixing with moisturiser, day or night.

In theory it’s a great time-saving concept but, if you go on to read the instructions, they recommend using cotton buds to achieve a smooth, even colour around your nose, eyes, ears, hairline and lips, and a small amount of Vaseline along your brows and hairline to act as a barrier. If you need to do this, then it’s not saving you any time at all, and makes the process somewhat faffy. My disclaimer however is this: I didn’t bother with any of the above when I used Tan Drops and my face is both lightly tanned and streak-free.

Regardless of application process, I do think they are a convenient idea and, if you are travelling, the small phial is much better than carrying a larger bottle of facial self-tanner. (It would be ideal in a carry-on cosmetic bag for hand baggage only travellers). I tried the illuminating version, but didn’t discern any visible difference. (There is an anti-aging version too.).

Most importantly, the colour really was lovely, and my skin did feel super smooth, so I recommend these drops as a great self facial self-tanner, but more for the size of the bottle than anything else.

The Gradual Tan Lotion bills itself as  lotion and oil hybrid, which in reality means a very runny liquid, so it goes on beautifully, but drips all over the bathroom floor if you are not careful. The claim is that it ‘delivers a light, buildable colour…subtly dialling up a super natural glow’, and I concur: the colour is gorgeous and absolutely convincing.

it does however have more self-tanner than normal gradual tanners – I was left with very noticeably streaky feet, and a few streaks on my shins on several occasions until I learnt to really be meticulous in its application. So use with caution – if you are more of a slapdash person then this is not the product for you.

Thanks to the inclusion of raspberry seed oil, the products all smell divine, although I’m not convinced by the Odourlite Fragrance Technology, as I could definitely smell self-tanner on my legs during the day. However, it’s not the horrid chemically smell of yore, but that more biscuity aroma, which I rather like. (Am I weird?)

In short, this gradual self-tanner leaves your skin silky smooth (that’ll be the vitamin E and aloe vera), and with a fabulous summery colour, but take the no smell claim with a pinch of salt, and rub it in very well.

toni- guy casual tropical elixir sea salt spray

Toni & Guy Casual Radiating Tropical Elixir
Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray

I’m really not a big user of hair styling products: I have stick straight hair, and it doesn’t frizz or kink. However, after some five years of highlights, my hair has started to dry out, and I’ve gone from being able to work the tousled just got out of bed look, to making sure I always blow dry if I know I’m going to have to leave the house. In particular, the ends get terribly dry and, wah, sort of frizzy, and I find that serums and elixirs really do help. Just a drop or two on the ends and my hair dries silky and and swishy. However, where all hair serums and elixirs are concerned:  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that more product means more silkiness, and liberally applying to the scalp as well as the ends. You will look like you’ve just done a shift at the chippy, and will have wasted that precious twenty minutes of blow dry time. Less is most definitely more.

This ‘Elixir’ from Toni & Guy smells summery – but not overpowering, has a UV filter (essential to stop that expensive dye job fading), and helps hair look groomed if you haven’t time for a blow dry.

The other joy of older hair is that in order to achieve that tousled just got out of bed look, you need to first blow dry  it THEN scrunch it up. Of course Bumble + bumble Surf Spray is the ur product for this, but this little bottle from Toni & Guy is pretty good too for that just wandered off the beach style.

All products were sent to the LLG office as samples for trial purposes.


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How I wish I could pull of the sea salt beach hair look! Trust me, on my naturally super straight hair…its not a good look! x


I love that Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray a lot.


Can I put on my green blogger hat and recommend a lovely product called Golden Waves by Captain Blankenship? First of, that name! Also, it does that salt spray thing well, but adds aloe vera and sea kelp extract, so it helps hydrate as well. Most importantly though? It’s GOLD! Ahem. Actually, the golden shimmer is quite subtle, but it’s there and I think it would look gooorgeous on blonde hair. I quite like it on me as well, but it does run a risk of looking a bit like gilded dandruff on a brunette. Anyway. It’s really quite lovely and one of the few products for which I happily plonk down my own money. I think you might like it.


I must try the texturising spray! My hair is naturally wavy but it is quite unruly rather than giving me the beachy waves that I want. Great review. 🙂


Love the sound of the gradual tanner. I had never heard this brand before so thanks for the introduction. Gemma x


Nice brands. I will try it sometimes.

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