agua spa mondrian londonThere are all sorts of spas in London: there are ones that look like country cottages, all spriggy floral prints and floppy bunches of garden flowers, ones that look like they’ve been transplanted from Bali, complete with incense sticks and Buddha statuettes, ones that are all clean shiny surfaces with medical personnel being brisk, and then there are the very slick contemporary urban spa experiences, of which the Morgans Group Hotels is a past master.

agua spa mondrian london
The first agua Spa in London was at Sanderson, and has a lot in common with its sibling, the Delano in Miami Beach, all double height drifting white muslin curtains and futuristic white-clad staff. The next agua chapter in London, the new-ish agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London has moved away from the all-white model to a very 21st century aesthetic: it’s a cross between a branch of Anthropologie and the Starship Enterprise.

agua spa mondrian london

agua spa mondrian london

Whilst it’s a properly excellent place in which to loll about, important for those booking spa days, of course it’s the treatments that a spa lives or dies by.

I was originally booked in for a Natura Bissé Anti-Pollution Facial – the Diamond Energy Facial, but my particularly tricky, rosacea-blotched skin revolts against anything too cleansing, and against peels (there is a glycol peel in the treatment), so instead I had an Estelle and Thild Bioactive Facial Treatment, which is described as ‘anti-inflammatory, revitalising, desensitising and the rest.”

agua spa mondrian london

Estelle and Thild is an ECOCERT approved line from Stockholm (I love their BioCalm Optimal Comfort Rescue Oil for when my skin is in need of some proper soothing and hydrating care), and, interestingly, the team at Agua specifically developed the spa protocol for the brand so that they could introduce the treatment line into the spa. The agua signature Estelle and Thild spa treatment uses their Bioactive range and, if skin is particularly sore, the therapist has the option of also using the fragrance-free Biocalm line.

I also added on a 30 minute body booster using Estelle and Thild’s nourishing Bergamot line, which can be personalised to whichever bit of you needs help: in my case back and shoulders.

agua spa mondrian london

I really cannot recommend my therapist Tendai more: I think she may have magic fingers. The facial massage was one of the best I have ever had, certainly in the top two and, if you are concerned about the suppleness of your skin as you grow older, then facial massage is a must. Her magic fingers are just as good at unknotting shoulders and I left after some ninety minutes feeling like a floppy piece of spaghetti, with a glowing, and most importantly, calm face.

agua spa mondrian london

Sasha was a guest of the Agua Bathhouse & Spa at Mondrian London.

Estelle & Thild Bioactive Facial Treatment: 
50 mins £80 (Off-peak Mon-Fri) £85 (Peak rates Sat and Sun)|
Therapist: Tendai
Address: Mondrian Hotel: 20 Upper Ground, London SE1 9PD. Telephone: 020 3747 1000
Mondrian Agua Bathhouse and Spa

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This looks stunning! I have to visit as our love the brand and wasn’t aware that they were in London! I recently went to spa recently at Corinthia and it was the height of luxury, such a lovely way to spend time in London, being completely pampered X


That’s my dear daughter Tendai! Sooo proud of you and the work you do….i had the same experience on my last massage at the spa…very recommendable place…

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