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I think it’s fair to say that the two words ‘Gatwick Airport‘ have often been enough on their own to strike doom into the heart of the knowledgable traveller: busy with charter flights, on the wrong side of the river for north Londoners, and devoid of tolerable places to eat.


interesting things are afoot. I’ve found a cheap way to get there from north London that’s just as quick as the Gatwick Express, (see bottom of the post), some really excellent restaurants that would be good in London, let alone the South Terminal, have opened recently (hello heavenly Grain Store & Comptoir Libanais), the pay-for lounge is excellent (if pricey – I reviewed it here, although if you book in advance you can save £7 on the pay-at-the-door price), and, if you are willing to pay a little, you can fast track your way through the hordes in security on the way out, and through passport control on the way back.

Oh yes – a plutocrat’s life for me: this was a game-changer on the way out to Spain back in March. For a mere £5 per head you can whisk your way through the dedicated Extra Premium Security lane. In the North terminal it opens from 6am to 9.30pm, and in the South terminal from 6am to 9pm, so you can use it for almost any flight departure time.

Do note that at the present time you can ONLY book this through the Gatwick Parking site, NOT the Gatwick Airport site, where you can book Premium Security either on its own or when you pre-book parking. (The Gatwick airport site isn’t very user-friendly at present.)

There is more information here, and you can book here.

Premium Passport Control Gatwick Airport


This also feels properly shiny:  get off the plane, hollow-eyed and exhausted and, instead of sprinting to get to the front of the Passport Control queue, all pointy elbows and breathless impatience, simply stroll towards the Premium Gatwick Passport Control lane, where you’ll barely have to queue, as the service is limited to just 50 passengers per hour.

It costs £12.50 per person, which strikes me very good value if you are very short of time – or patience.  All you have to do is present your confirmation email to the dedicated host, and a UK Border Force Officer (UKBF Officer) will check your passport as usual before you progress to baggage reclaim or straight through to arrivals if you don’t have any bags to collect.

The service is available to both EU and non-EU passengers, and is open daily from 06.00 to 24.00, and is available to passengers of all airlines and classes of travel.

Do note that you need to book at least 24 hours before your flight is scheduled to arrive at Gatwick, and that if you are a non EU citizen, make sure you have the necessary visas and that your landing card is completed before entry. You can book here.

I’ve recently discovered that you can circumvent the extremely expensive Gatwick Express and only slightly less expensive Southern Railways at Victoria by taking a direct Thameslink train from St Pancras International (NOT King’s Cross).

Many online train apps will send you via Victoria EVEN if you specifically request a St Pancras/Kings X route but, take it from me, if you live anywhere in the vicinity of north or north west London, the hour-long Thameslink service at a tenner, is a much better option than paying for the tube to get to Victoria and then paying £25.40 (Gatwick Express) or £19.60 (Southern Railways) EACH WAY.  (They may be quicker services per se, but not when you add in the tube journey to get to Victoria.) The Thameslink service also stops at Farringdon, City Thameslink & Blackfriars. Handy.

The only drawback is that the Thameslink trains don’t run so frequently: there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason as to the timetable, so you can’t just pitch up as you can for the Gatwick Express – you need to check in advance. (I’m a big fan of the Trainline and National Rail apps.)

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Sasha and Rachel travelled through Premium Security and Premium Passport Control as guests of Gatwick Airport in March 2016.



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That is excellent! Getting to Gatwick Airport is certainly no picnic but when I stayed in London with my daughter last year (she was living there), we did this trip a few times but didn’t know we were breaking the ‘rules’ by not taking the Gatwick Express. If she had been a local I’m sure we would have caught the Express and been none the wiser (but somewhat poorer).


Wow fab advice and useful tips which I’m sure to use when I’m travelling next.


Trouble with the thameslink is that the more often that not it is delayed or has other issues so one has to leave loads of extra time. But is undeniably more handy than getting to Victoria. It also goes to Brighton which makes a day at the seaside much easier too.


Thanks for the tips. Gatwick airport is the quickest one to my house. For sure I will keep those tips in mind 🙂


Thanks Sasha. Another fab blog post Your snippets of local knowledge are pure gold for those of us in The Antipodes who visit London periodically. Thanks again.


Happy to help!! I get so frustrated when I google & cannot find insider info, so I always figure my readers are just like me and want to know ALL the things…LLGxx


Sounds like a plan Sasha . The worst part at Airports is when they take your drinks and anything over 100ml. For that reason I now avoid it as often as possible and travel by ferry and car instead. It means I can carry a lot more stuff home from my holidays too 🙂

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